Customer stories

Customer stories


The software developer rapidly updates scalable project management solutions that keep customers on track.


The service management company relies on Adobe ColdFusion to build a world-class, cloud-based help desk and customer service platform.


Global software services firm uses Adobe ColdFusion to maximize performance of auto racing sites hosted in a scalable Amazon Cloud infrastructure.


Enterprise resource planning tools built and deployed with Adobe ColdFusion put information and people to work to improve revenue.

Frontech solutions

The software developer builds powerful and flexible product lifecycle management (PLM) tools with Adobe ColdFusion.


Adobe ColdFusion helps website developers eliminate performance and stability problems for leading open-access online research repository.

Wall street magnate

The fantasy trading company creates world’s first real-time social trading website with the Adobe ColdFusion family of solutions.


The employee recognition platform built on Adobe ColdFusion enables organizations to recognize, engage, and inspire people at work.


The provider of social TV unites interactive video, text and voice chat, social networking, and online search with Adobe ColdFusion.

Ten24 digital solutions

The digital solutions company uses Adobe ColdFusion to help midmarket companies manage eCommerce more effectively.

Prospective Medical Data International Inc.

The medical software manufacturer uses Adobe ColdFusion to more securely collect electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) data.


The global telecommunication vendor uses Adobe Flash technology to leverage social media as a powerful business-to-business marketing strategy.

ColdFusion Standard

Perfect for developing rich, interactive applications.


ColdFusion Enterprise

Suited to create scalable, 
high-performing web applications.


ColdFusion Builder

A robust IDE for web and mobile application development.