Celebrating Changemakers.

At Adobe, we believe that creativity is more than just good business — it can help transform lives, lift up communities, and make our planet healthier. Discover Adobe customers who are using our products to address important social and environmental issues.

Image by Michael Davie / Ripple Effect Images, 2010

IAccessible: building inclusivity awareness and product accessibility know-how at businesses


Disability-owned IAccessible is helping some of the world’s most influential companies build more inclusive technologies by making it possible for people living with disabilities to co-design and test products in collaboration with their internal teams.

Christoph Geiseler’s One Minute Academy teaches people to share important global stories through short but impactful videos


Visual storytelling has the power to change how people see the world around them. That’s why filmmaker and educator Christoph Geiseler has made it his mission to build a better world through video with One Minute Academy. 

Limbitless uses emotive storytelling to reach millions of people living with limb differences with its life-changing technologies


The non-profit creates compelling content that shares the possibilities of its bionic and prosthetic limbs and helps tell the stories behind the people who wear them.

Linda Mihara, owner of historic Paper Tree store, is bringing her family’s legacy of origami into the digital age


Linda’s stunning origami work is vividly brought to life in the streets of San Francisco’s Japantown through an interactive 3D augmented reality experience that exposes new generations to the folded paper artform and Japanese culture.

Changemakers Series: Las Fotos Project is changing the narrative around self-expression. 


Las Fotos Project, a non-profit that teaches photography to teens from communities of color, encouraging them to channel their creativity for the benefit of themselves, their community, and their future careers.

Changemakers Series: The Creators of Children's Book Levi & Toonk Change the Narrative Around Representation


3 out of 4 gifted black students never get identified as such. The creators of children's book series Levi & Toonk seek to change that by using storytelling to increase representation and awareness. Their books and enrichment activities champion gifted education for children of color worldwide.

Changemakers Series: Showbiz India TV Uses Their Platform to Impact Mental Health Awareness


Within the South Asian community, mental health is a stigmatized topic.

The Changemakers at Showbiz India TV sought to change this by creating content around mental health and leading the charge to talk about it more openly with their community. Learn more about their story here

Changemakers Series: Tara Pixley Advocates for Change Through the Immersed In Oil Project


What would you do if you had an oil refinery in your backyard? Changemaker and visionary @tarapixley1037 got into action with her latest project, Immersed In Oil. She's shining a light on the environmental impact of refineries on local communities.


Planet Forward empowers students to lead conversations on global environmental issues and create change through visual storytelling.


“We’re here for any student who wants to learn about a topic, understand it, and communicate it to others. Over the years, students have published more than 5,000 stories. Through Planet Forward, we’re bringing a national audience to students who want to make a difference in our planet’s future.”


Frank Sesno, Founder, Planet Forward, and Director of Strategic Initiatives, School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University

Helping Families Find Missing Children.


These forensic artists use technology and talent to find missing children. Watch them meet families directly impacted by their work and find out how you can get involved.



NatWest Group saves 9M sheets of paper, 960K gallons of water, and 336K pounds of wood with paperless workflows.

“Electronic signatures play a critical role in our current push for paperless operations. By removing barriers to enterprise, we are able to deliver effortless experiences to our colleagues and customers and simplify how they interact with [us].”

Vineet Manuja, Head of Business Automation Services, India


Mercy Health created a COVID-19 landing page in one day to provide a single source of truth for patients.

“When you look at what we did with the COVID-19 landing page, it wasn’t about revenue numbers. It was about serving patients and saving lives. And if somebody got tested or treated because of our work, that’s a life we helped save.”

Ken Kellogg, Vice President of Brand and Digital Experience


ICRC field workers become mobile journalists to share candid stories from the frontline. 

“Great storytelling isn’t necessarily about super polished production. It’s about capturing the powerful moments inside the stories constantly unfolding in the places we work. And of course that means we need someone there to record it.“

Kathryn Cook, Head of Content


More stories about Changemakers.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Teaching students digital literacy makes them resourceful and innovative visual communicators.

“It’s an awesome experience to see students use visual storytelling to convey their message. They can use Adobe Creative Cloud apps to embed video and images into their presentations, which makes them much more powerful.”

Keith Penn, University Program Specialist and Instructor for the First-Year Experience course at Winston-Salem State University



Handbook Germany helps immigrants and refugees with targeted information on German life.

“We have to inform people. How are they supposed to comply with requirements if they don't know or understand them?”

Mosjkan Ehrari, Managing Editor



ben and jerrys

TerraCycle Loop: solving the single-use packaging problem with durable design.

“For this transformation [to durable packaging] to take hold, the design has to be better, and the container has to be more innovative and beautiful than what came before.”

Tom Szaky, CEO & Founder


Walgreens portal helps people get COVID-19 information and schedule vaccine appointments. 

“The pandemic has expanded the role of our pharmacists, making them first-line resources. When you couple this with our digital strategy...we can execute across channels by putting the customer first and ensuring we are meeting their highly personalized individual needs.”

Alyssa Raine, Group Vice President of Customer Marketing Platforms


CSU Fullerton digitizes administrative processes, reducing paper usage 50%. 

“We wanted to improve graduation rates by removing barriers for students, who spent a lot of time filling out forms to add or drop a class or change their major. We simplify the whole process, so they can focus on their studies.”

Joe Luzzi, Assistant Vice President of IT


Syneos Health and 100 Roses from Concrete help creatives of color to break into the ad industry.

“In creative industries, the percentage of people of color is extremely low anyway. Because of the pandemic, internships were going to be cancelled [for] hundreds of students. 100 Roses from Concrete partnered with the Advertising Club of New York and Save the Internship New York to find organizations that still allowed those interns to work for them.”

Harvey Austin, Vice President, Syneos Health

ben and jerrys

Ben and Jerry’s uses creativity to champion its social mission, engage customers and connect them to important causes.

"We use more illustrative styles.  It draws people in and they become more educated on a particular subject around our social mission."

Gail Cummings, Global Digital Design Lead



Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Award-winning documentary about financial literacy of women produced on time despite COVID. 

“$avvy is a reminder that it’s empowering, exciting, and fun to be in charge of your own finances and to have a grasp on both your financial future and your power not only as a woman but also as an individual.”

Robin Hauser, Producer


Best Buy and Adobe cultivate the next generation of creators. 

“Now, more than ever, we’re seeing technology is essential for helping young people learn and stay connected. We want to ensure all teens have an opportunity to pursue their dreams.” 

Andrea Wood, Head of Social Impact

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