How to create anaglyph 3D photos in Photoshop.

Take your photographs into a new dimension with this easy photo effect.

Seeing double? You can create a 3D image by overlapping two images: one with a red filter and one with a cyan filter. This is called an anaglyph image. Anaglyph glasses (the kind you probably got at a 3D movie as a kid) have a red and a blue lens that correspond to the filtered images. Your brain does the rest of the work, putting the two overlaid images together for a 3D effect.

It may sound complicated, but creating cool anaglyph 3D photos is really simple if you learn how to apply some basic photo effects in Adobe Photoshop.

See 3D in six steps.

You'll essentially duplicate, recolor, and overlay your image on top of itself (with modifications) to create that red-blue effect. Open your image in Photoshop and follow these six steps:

  1. Set up your layers. Rename the background layer "Left." Then duplicate that layer (Ctrl/Cmd J or use the main menu) and rename the duplicate layer "Right."
  2. Isolate the color channels by layer. Select the Left layer. In the Layers panel, double-click in the blank section of the layer to bring up the Layer Styles dialog. Choose Advanced Blending, uncheck the G channel, and click OK. This will isolate the green in your layer. Now select the Right layer. In the Layers panel, bring up Layer Styles, choose Advanced Blending, uncheck the R channel, and click OK. This will isolate the red in your layer.
  3. Adjust the perspective by layer. Start with your Left layer. Navigate to Edit, select Transform, and then Perspective. Click and drag the top left corner of the layer upwards to increase the image by at least 50 pixels. Do the same with your Right layer.
  4. Move your layers. Move the Left layer to the left around 5-15 pixels and then move the Right layer to the right by the same number of pixels. (Maintain the relative midline for the two layers.)
  5. Crop. Use the Crop tool to crop your final image.
  6. Get out your red and blue glasses and admire your 3D photo.

More dimensions, more potential.

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