Cute dog photoshoot ideas.

Learn more about pet photography and when you might use it in your business, plus some dog photoshoot ideas to inspire your next session.

Pet photography is a fun niche for photographers. It’s a great opportunity to play with creative shots as well as to test your timing skills, since pets are often unpredictable and on the move. Just ask any pet person: they'll likely tell you that their pet is part of the family, which is why dogs are often included in holiday photos, engagement sessions, pregnancy announcements, and more.

Having a few dog photoshoot ideas on hand will help you incorporate these furry friends into your sessions.

Camera settings for dog photography.

When photographing pets, you’ll want to capture the dog's unique personality — just like you would aim to do when photographing a human. That means you might take photos of the dog running or playing with its favorite toys, or even in a sudsy lather if it loves bath time. To prepare for your shoot, make sure you’re familiar with shutter speed settings and creating short exposures so that you don’t miss a moment of the fun.

Dog photoshoot ideas.

To inspire your next session, here are some dog photoshoot ideas:

To help plan your shoot, talk to the pet owners to get a feel for when their dog is the happiest, whether that's playing with a toy or riding in the car or romping around at the park. Just like humans, you want the dog to feel its best in order to get the best shots.

Edit your dog photos like a pro.

Fine-tune any element of your dog portraits, and quickly apply customizable presets to create a cohesive look for the whole photoshoot, with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.