'Photography techniques: Fill the frame photography..

Learn more about the fill the frame technique in photography, how it can create better compositions, and when you should use it.

There are lots of techniques you can use to create better photographic compositions, such as leading lines or the rule of thirds. Another helpful yet less common technique every photographer should know is called “filling the frame.” Let’s dive into this technique and see how it can help you create captivating shots.

What is fill the frame photography?

In photographic composition, the “frame” refers to the rectangular scene you see through your camera. When you use this technique, you simply fill your photo’s frame with more of your subject, reducing the amount of background or negative space shown.

You can achieve this by getting closer to the subject to bring forward the details. A zoom lens is another option if you can’t get as close as you’d like.

Why use this technique?

When you fill the frame, you remove distractions and put more emphasis on your subject. This creates a stronger overall image and keeps viewers from having to guess what your subject is or what you hope to convey.

The fill the frame technique is especially useful in street photography. Too much background action can create confusion in a photo on busy streets, but using this technique will make your subject matter clear amidst the hustle and bustle.

When should you use it?

As with all photographic techniques, deciding whether to use it or not is simply a matter of creative choice.

When composing your shot, stop for a minute and consider the background. If the background helps to tell a story, consider leaving at least a portion of it within the frame. If the background doesn’t add anything to the photo, consider a tighter crop to showcase more of your subject.

As you continue to experiment with composition, discover more photography tips and techniques to try.

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