Fun photoshoot themes to try.

Get some creative inspiration for your next photoshoot.

Sometimes the best photoshoot themes are the most simple. These ideas allow you creative liberty and flexibility for your next photoshoot. Get inspired and experiment away.

Simple, effective photoshoot themes.

See how you can elevate these fun photoshoot themes to something striking and creative.

Seasonal: Celebrate whatever season you’re in with fun props, colors, and styles. If you’re shooting in the fall, find fiery trees and leaves to use as colorful props and backgrounds. If you’re shooting in summer, try snapping photos of your subjects biting into a juicy watermelon, playing in a pool, or with fireworks in the sky as a backdrop.

Outdoor: No matter the season, outdoor photoshoots offer stunning variety. For unique juxtapositions, stake out interesting backgrounds beforehand. For instance, try taking a series of photos with your subjects in an industrial area, and then another set in a field or in the woods. The variety of your environment makes for a fun and unique photoshoot.

Urban: Urban photoshoots can have an intimate, street photography feel with the right settings. The whole city is your backdrop, from the subway and train tracks, to the laundromat around the corner or local school and basketball court. With the right angles and lighting, all of these scenes can be transformed into extraordinary settings, and the variety will highlight the excitement of urban life.

Adventure: Go on an adventure with your subject to create a natural, exciting theme. Try out an amusement park and take photos of the subject on a ride in motion. This adventure idea can be applied to so many settings: a skate park, an art museum, a run around the block. Any fun activity can turn into a dynamic scene with a little creativity.

Get creative with edits.

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