10 inspired tips for Christmas still life photography.

Wow your friends and family this holiday season with these unique Christmas still life photography ideas.

Still life photography captures moments frozen in time — and it can be extra fun with a little holiday twist. Spread Christmas cheer this year with some eggnog, string lights, and the help of these still life photography tips.

Use lenses with shorter focal lengths.

For sharp still life photographs with holiday flair, reach for lenses with shorter focal lengths. Choose 35mm, 50mm, or 85mm lenses — or something in this general ballpark range.

The shorter focal lengths help you keep distortion to a minimum so everything in the frame looks as realistic as possible. This will make your photos feel life-like, even if they have surrealistic themes. You can also explore expert photography tips that can help you achieve your particular Christmas vision.

Embrace your Christmas creativity.

Christmas still life photos can be particularly enchanting if you stage the right holiday elements. Get started by giving these a try:

Your photos probably won’t be heavily distorted if you’ve chosen the right lens. This means it will be easier to tinker with lighting effects or try out cozy filters with photo editing software later. Be careful not to distort your still life photos as you edit.

Add some holiday spice to your photos and explore everything you can do with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop this Christmas season.