How to make fake blood in Photoshop.

Bloody up your photographs — without hurting anyone.

Photoshop basics for bloody edits.

You can create convincing bloody visuals without hurting anybody. All it takes is a solid photo, a little bit of drawing, and a familiarity with basic photo editing tools. Learn how to use the multitude of photo effects available in Adobe Photoshop to get a bleeding photo that'll make anyone do a double take.

  • Choose your photo. Open the photo you want to edit in Photoshop.
  • Add your layer. Select Window > Layers > New and create a new layer on top of your base image.
  • Draw the blood. Use the Lasso tool in the toolbar to outline the area where you want to add blood.
  • Fill in your shape. From the main menu, choose Edit > Fill and fill the outlined area with a dark red color.
  • Make it convincing. Set the layer blend mode to Color Burn (choose from the Mode pop-up menu in the options bar). This increases the contrast between your original image layer and the blood layer to make it look more realistic.
  • Now make it bleed. Use the Smudge tool and select the appropriate brush size to "smudge" the shape and give it the impression of bleeding. (First, you’ll need to Deselect the selection created in Step 3.) Then use the Burn tool to darken the wound and make it look open.

More effects at your fingertips.

Discover additional tips and tricks to create special effects. And get familiar with more editing features in Photoshop — you’ll be turning ordinary photographs into extraordinary, realistic, creative (and bloody) works of art.