Moon photography camera settings for the ideal shot.

Learn more about moon photography, plus the specific camera settings and gear you’ll need to capture a sharp image.

Whether you want to shoot the phases of the moon or an exciting phenomenon like a Supermoon is in the forecast, knowing the correct camera settings for nighttime photography will help you capture crisp, clear, and impactful shots. Here’s what you need to know before the big night.

Camera settings for moon photography.

The moon phases — and consequently, the amount of light the moon is giving off — will affect your camera settings on any given night. Keep this in mind when you first start, so you don’t get too frustrated right away. While shooting the moon is a bit of a learning experience, it’s a great way to become familiar with your camera and its settings.

Here are some helpful settings to get you started:

Camera equipment for moon photography.

Since you’ll be shooting the bright moon in the dark sky, you’ll need to compensate for the low-light environment while still aiming for crisp, clean shots. That calls for the following equipment:

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