Aperture tips for wide-angle lens photography.

Learn how to take powerful, unique photos with a wide-angle lens and the right aperture settings.

Wide-angle lenses certainly come in handy and are a great resource for photographers of any skill level — but there are certain conditions under which they really shine, like shooting landscapes or snapping architecture.

If your subject is large and you can’t get too close, a wide-angle lens is your best friend. It’ll help you get a significant amount of space into a single frame while hanging on to as much quality as possible. To really take advantage of your wide-angle lens, check out these tips.

Different types of wide-angle lenses.

While there are several different kinds of wide-angle lenses, each one offers a unique effect and benefit. For example, you can choose:

If you’re new to wide-angle lens photography, the rectilinear lens is a great place to start. Not only is this a fairly standard type of wide-angle lens, but it’s also easy to work with when it’s time to edit.

Narrow vs wide aperture with a wide-angle lens.

Adjust your camera’s aperture settings to achieve different effects with a wide-angle lens. Consider your subject and what you want for your final image. Try out these tips:

Discover even more helpful photo tips and then, continue to play with images you’ve captured through your wide-angle lens by adjusting aperture with a photo editing app.

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