Unusual macro photography ideas.

Beauty can be found in the smallest places with a few macro photography ideas up your sleeve.

A macro lens lets you examine tiny things up close and in focus. These lenses are fun when you want to capture something small and keep at least a 1:1 reproduction ratio. Are you ready to get creative with your macro lens? Discover a new perspective with these unusual macro photography ideas.

Dip your toes in the wonderful world of water.

Macro lenses are pretty great tools for exploring the different phases of water from a new perspective. Discover how intricate a single bit of frost outside your window can be — or how perfectly balanced a single drop of morning dew on a leaf appears.

Play with your aperture settings to capture carbonation in your drink, falling snowflakes, or crystalline ice structures. If you’re new to macro photography, you can always focus on getting your ratios just right for now — and then fine-tune light and play with filters later in post-production.

Get up close and personal with your favorite hobby.

Miniature sets, model cars, perfectly crafted treats — however you spend your free time might be a good place to get some unusual shots with your macro lens.

Because your lens magnifies and slightly distorts your subject, you can put a unique spin on something that might otherwise be ordinary. Discover even more photography tips to zero in your macro photography skills.

Learn how to master your macro lens and then, explore everything you can do with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop today.