What is exposure control?

Learn about exposure control and how to master it in your photo editing process.

Perfectly exposed photos are the dream — but they’re not always the reality. So, how can you balance your exposure when taking images and when editing them? Keep reading to learn more about exposure control and how to use it.

What exactly is exposure control?

Exposure control is the unique combination of certain factors — like aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and exposure time — to create the desired result for exposure metering when capturing an image. Typically, exposure control is categorized by choices that include:

How you choose your strategy for exposure control will depend on what you prioritize.

How to adjust exposure control when editing.

Of course, perfectly exposed images aren’t always possible — that’s where skills in editing your images can come into play. Adjusting your exposure in post-production can be simple, quick, and in just a few clicks, take your image to the next level.

The easiest ways to adjust the exposure for your image when editing include strategies like:

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