How to make an animated explainer video.

Follow these steps to create animated explainer videos that your audience will remember.

1. Write a script.

The first step to making an animated explainer video is to write a script that explains what your viewers are seeing. A good explainer video script should answer the following questions:

Since most animated explainer videos are short (around one to two minutes), get to the point quickly and keep the script concise.

2. Record audio and narration.

With your script finalized, it’s time to record the narration. Find someone who can reflect the right attitude for your brand and ask them to be the narrator.

Import the audio files to a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro and remove bad takes, stumbles, and unnecessary silence. Pre-editing your audio files before adding visuals will make the final edits much easier.

3. Gather visuals.

Once you understand how the narration flows, you can start to choose the visuals to match. Collect graphics, icons, animations, or any other visual assets you need to tell your story. You can either create them yourself using video-making software or find them from any number of online sources.

Animated explainer video visuals don’t need to be complex. Keep everything clear and simple, so viewers can understand the message without getting distracted by unnecessary elements.

4. Edit and arrange in a video editor.

Since the audio is already finished, just add the visuals. Use your video editor to drag them into the timeline to match the narration and position them on the screen. Then, you can add effects, transitions, and animations to bring your explainer video to life.

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