Guide to optimizing your post-production video workflow.

Any job becomes easier with a good plan. Use this guide to plan and optimize your workflow to make video post-production a breeze.

A well-planned workflow makes video editing during post-production quicker and easier. It also helps you keep track of how much work is left until your video is finished. This guide explains the basic video post-production workflow that you can use or modify to your needs.

  1. Organize your footage.

Careful organization helps you find the footage you need and saves valuable editing time. It also makes it easier to locate old footage that you want to use in a new video. Label and date your video clips and create a sensible folder structure.

  1. Edit a rough cut.

A rough cut is a barebones version of your final video. Trim clips to proper length and arrange them in the order you want. Watch the rough cut to make sure the scenes flow together logically and the basic pacing is correct.

  1. Add visual effects.

Add any visual effects, like transitions and animations, at this point. If you don’t have the final effects planned out yet, use placeholders.

  1. Do color correction.

With the trimmed clips and effects in place, it’s easier to unify the look of your video with color correction tools. Make sure your color choices fit the mood and tone of the video.

  1. Add and mix audio.

Insert music and sound effects into your video. Ensure that all volume levels are right and that any dialogue is clear and audible. Don’t be afraid to re-record narration or dialogue if you have to.

  1. Watch and export the video.

Watch your video from start to finish to identify any mistakes or areas for improvement. Once you’re satisfied, you can then export and share your video.

  1. Use the right tools for post-production.

A good video editing software program, like Adobe Premiere Pro, helps you optimize your post-production workflow. Easily trim clips, add effects and titles, correct color, and much more.

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