How to start a YouTube music channel.

Find useful tips on how to start rocking out on your own YouTube music channel.

YouTube has become one of the main avenues for new artists to break through to a larger audience. If you’re looking to become the next big pop star or rock legend, you must have your own YouTube music channel. Even for amateur musicians, running your own channel offers plenty of fun and exposure.

Here are some tips on starting a YouTube music channel to share some sweet tunes.

Set up your channel properly.

Music is one of YouTube’s official content categories. When you set up your channel, make sure to pick the music genres you plan to play. Choose carefully, since this will affect your channel’s discoverability. Also, it helps to give your channel an appropriate name.

Create a functional content plan.

Decide how often you want to upload videos. Both viewers and the YouTube algorithm expect you to produce new videos regularly. Make your plan carefully, because you’ll need to stick to it to be successful.

Connect your channel.

If people like the music you play, they’ll want to listen to it outside of YouTube. Make sure to provide links in your channel and video descriptions to where your viewers can buy your music.

Vary your content.

Your songs are the backbone of your channel, but people also want to get to know their favorite musicians. Publish other kinds of content too, like interviews, backstage footage, and fan Q&As.

Edit your videos.

Although your channel is all about the music, YouTube is primarily a video platform. Learn to use an editing software to make your videos entertaining to both your viewers’ ears and eyes. Adobe Premiere Pro, for example, offers video editing tools that let you trim footage, edit audio, create titles and effects, and more.

Take a moment to discover cool video tips and new ways to create music videos. Explore what more you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to take your YouTube music channel to the next level.