How to start a YouTube photography channel.

Learn the basics of starting and running a successful photography channel on YouTube.

You might think that photographers have no business being on YouTube. It’s a video channel, after all, and photos are static images. But your own YouTube channel is a great way to get exposure for your photos and establish yourself as a photography professional.

Here are some useful tips for starting your own YouTube photography channel.

Find your niche.

Before you start producing videos, decide your content niche. It’s easier for beginners to stand out if you do one thing well. For example, if you like street photography, focus your channel on that genre — at least at the beginning.

Create a content plan and schedule.

YouTube’s algorithm and viewers love regular content. Create a plan to publish new videos on a steady schedule. And most importantly, stick to your plan.

Vary your content.

You can publish photo slideshows, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you do. For example, create photography tutorials or review cameras and lenses within your niche.

Establish your own identity.

Don’t try to imitate your favorite YouTubers. Learning video production techniques from others is fine, but you have to find your own voice and identity. After all, people come to your channel to watch you.

Ignore negativity.

As a creative content publisher, you will, unfortunately, get negative comments. As hard as it is, it’s best to shrug them off and just keep at it. Learn from constructive criticism, but don’t let online trolls get under your skin.

Learn to edit videos.

Raw video footage doesn’t make for great content. Get a good video editing software and learn how to use it to its fullest extent. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro has editing tools that add visual and sound effects, adjust colors, and trim content for YouTube videos and more.

Get more tips that can take your videos to the next level. Then, explore everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to start your photography channel.