How to make a vlog: Step by step.

Make your vlog a reality with these steps on how to create engaging content.

Professional vloggers make it look as easy as just “point, shoot, and publish.” Even though there’s a ton of time and effort that goes into vlogging, it actually can be that easy if you have the right tips and tools. Use the steps below to learn how to create a vlog that’s ready for Internet fame.

Step 1: Create content you’re passionate about.

Your vlog is about you, your subject matter, and your viewers. And the major difference between a vlog that stands out and a vlog that doesn’t is how well you balance all three.

If you’re really engaged with the topic, you’re more likely to keep creating — and the better your vlog content will be for your viewers.

Once you’ve got a topic, start up your camera and record your personal experiences, opinions, and expertise on video. Use these technical tips to get some great shots (and make step two a little easier).

Step 2: Tie it all together with great editing.

Put all your video onto a computer and power up some editing software to bring your vlog home. Get creative with stylized text overlays and interesting video cuts. This is an easy way to spice up your footage before posting to the web.

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