What is VFX compositing?

Ever wish you could make the impossible possible? Learn how to add a touch of reality to special effects in your videos with VFX compositing.

Today, anything is possible with visual effects — or VFX, for short. VFX compositing is the last piece of the puzzle you need to make effects look realistic. It combines the work of animators, videographers, and special effects artists to create effects that blur the line between fiction and reality.

The basics of VFX compositing.

At its core, VFX compositing is the bridge between live-action video footage and digital assets. It adds the minor details to make the digital effects look like they’re a part of reality.

Imagine you wanted to create an explosion in an action movie. The film crew would shoot a background, the animator would create a digital missile, and the effects artist would add the explosion effects for the detonation.

The VFX compositor would take all these pieces and put them together to create a seamless shot. They would layer the pieces, make color corrections, adjust depth, and add any minor details needed to make all the pieces into one big, audience-wowing shot.

Elements of VFX compositing.

To do VFX compositing right, you need powerful video editing software. These are just a few of the tools you’ll need to make your special effects seem so realistic:

The best way to make your VFX look like a Hollywood blockbuster is to use a video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. With the right tools, you can use VFX compositing to make your video special effects creatively blur the lines of reality.

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