What is the perfect Instagram video length?

Don’t lose your viewers’ attention. Here’s how long your Instagram videos should be to capture the most visibility online.

How long can Instagram videos be?

The maximum video length for Instagram is 60 seconds. So, if you want to make a video specifically for Instagram, trim it back to under a minute. Otherwise, you won’t be able to post.

Although 60 seconds is the maximum video length allowed, a full minute may not be ideal — particularly if you want to get the most attention from your viewers.

What’s the ideal video length?

Instagram videos with the most comments typically average around 26 seconds long. If you want to maintain your viewers’ attention and engage with your audience (and who doesn’t?), it’s a good idea to keep your Instagram videos under 30 seconds.

Use a video editor to trim content.

While it might be easy to just record videos on your phone or camera and then upload it to social media, it can be challenging to keep them under 30 seconds long. The best way to ensure your videos are the ideal length for Instagram is to trim them using video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

With an editor, you can remove unnecessary parts from your video. Not only will that help you keep your videos under 30 seconds, but it’ll also help you maintain your viewers’ attention by taking out parts that aren’t especially interesting or engaging.

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