A guide to event videography.

Filming events is different from strictly scripted video shoots. Learn what you need to account for when shooting event videos.

Event videography can take you to a great variety of different gatherings — everything from jam-packed public trade shows to intimate private weddings. But no matter what the occasion is, you have to be prepared. Use these helpful tips to make your event videos the best they can be.

Plan out your event video.

Create a detailed shooting plan for the event. Visit the venue beforehand if possible, get a map and schedule, and draft your shot list. It’s also good to know the person in charge of the event.

Prepare your event videography equipment.

Make sure your camera is in order for the big day. Bring extra batteries and memory cards, together with an external microphone and a tripod. Have extra lights on hand in case the lighting at the event isn’t ideal.

Take care of yourself.

Filming events is often a full-day job. Get good rest the night before. Dress appropriately for the occasion and wear comfortable shoes — you will likely be standing for most of the day. Bring a lunch if the event doesn’t provide catering.

Shoot your event video correctly.

Adjust your camera settings appropriately for the conditions. Take many different kinds of shots to vary the look of your video. Use cinematic filming techniques — even the driest corporate seminar can be jazzed up a bit with the right camera tricks.

Complete your event video with post-processing.

Once you’re finished shooting, move your video files off your camera and back them up. Then, it’s time to pull everything together with a good video editing software program, like Adobe Premiere Pro. Use easy, professional-quality tools to cut and trim your clips, fix colors, adjust audio, and much more.

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