7 great video ideas for fashion YouTubers.

Don’t get stuck in a creative rut. Find new inspiration from these ideas for YouTube fashion videos.

Despite its name, writer’s block doesn’t affect just authors — every creative person sometimes hits a wall. If you run a fashion YouTube channel, you’ve definitely had days when you just can’t come up with a new video. Read on to learn unique ways to overcome those creative blocks.

Be inspired by new YouTube video fashion ideas.

  1. Do a seasonal theme: Create an outfit or a makeup tutorial to go with a season or holiday. For example, many people find it challenging to look fashionable while bundled up for winter — show them how it’s done.
  2. Follow celebrities: Explain why an outfit a celebrity wore on the red carpet looks so great. Or, if their couture choice missed the mark, re-create it but show how to make it better.
  3. Give emergency aid: Show your viewers how to throw together a glamorous party look at the last minute or with limited resources.
  4. Organize a closet tour: Go through your wardrobe or makeup stash with your viewers and let them tell you what items they’d like to see in your future videos.
  5. Create a fashionable Frankenstein’s monster: Come up with a dashing look using only the most unfashionable items you can find.
  6. Go back to the past: Pick a year from history and come up with a modern look inspired by long-gone fashions.
  7. Dress up for a song: Music is a great source of inspiration. Tell viewers your favorite song and create an outfit or makeup tutorial inspired by its mood or lyrics.

New editing tricks for fashion videos and more.

Sometimes simply trying new editing techniques can get your creative juices flowing. Adobe Premiere Pro gives you a full suite of tools to turn even your weirdest ideas into videos. Cut videos in new ways, add audio, or try unusual effects to give your content a fresh look.

Break out of a creative rut — discover what you can create with Premiere Pro.