Mobile Acrobat and AppConfig

A number of vendors support AppConfig–a standards-based framework that streamlines app configuration and deployment via participating EMM vendors. Adobe provides an AppConfig-compliant configuration file that allows IT to manage Acrobat with any EMM product that supports AppConfig, including those like MobileIron with which Acrobat Reader has been tested and certified. Acrobat Reader on iOS provides an AppConfig-compliant XML file that can be consumed by some 3rd party EMM solutions.



The AppConfig Community is a collection of industry-leading EMM solution providers and app developers that have come together to help developers and customers drive mobility in business. Acrobat is part of the community. For information about Adobe’s adoption of enterprise mobile standards, refer to this blog (out of date).

File versions

The most recent Acrobat version always supports the most latest AppConfig.xml file version. XML file versioning is in the format of YearMonth. Thus, 1900 indicates the file was releases in January of 2019.

AppConfig file versions






Acrobat versions released after January, 2020



Acrobat versions released October, 2018 to January, 2020.


Only the latest XML version is supported.

AppConfig and iOS

Follow the configuration and deployment instructions provided by your EMM vendor. The AppConfig community provides an overview of capabilities on iOS

iOS system requirements

  • The latest version of Acrobat Reader (preferred)

  • A device OS supported by the product version.

  • An EMM provider that supports AppConfig.