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Updated Sep 10, 2019.

Enterprise Basics

Best practices

  • Start with the latest installer or use your archived installer if you need to deploy the same version that is already deployed.
  • Accept the Acrobat Distribution Agreement.

Versioning policy

Adobe uses version numbers to clearly communicate to IT professionals the deployment model for a given release. Adobe only supports the latest release. Each update replaces the previous version since it is always more secure and more functional.

Version numbers contain 3 integers and two dots:

  • The first integer identifies the major release; for example, 10.0.0 (sometimes 10.0 or 10 for short).
  • The second integer is incremented for quarterly updates; for example, 10.1.0.
  • The third integer is incremented for all other out of cycle updates; for example, 10.2.1, etc.

End of life policy

Adobe only supports the latest release. Each update replaces the previous version since it is always more secure and more functional.

Language support

Available languages include those listed in the table below. Language support is as follows:

  • The Android and iOS products support the same 17 languages.
  • There is only one installer which supports all languages.
  • The language is determined by the device OS.
  • If the OS language is not supported by Acrobat, the product defaults to English.
Language tiers
Tier Windows and Macintosh
Tier 1 English, French, German, Japanese
Tier 2 Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish
Tier 3 Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean
Tier 4 Russian, Turkish, Czech, Polish

Product distribution

/export.jpg is available for distribution beyond single-user installation and can be deployed by:

  • Corporations wanting to distribute the Acrobat to their employees mobile devices.
  • Commercial vendors wanting to bundle Acrobat with their mobile devices.

Currently, the Adobe Acrobat mobile app is available for distribution on the Android platform. If you are planning a multi-user distribution, do the following:

  1. Complete the distribution agreement.
  2. Print and sign the form.
  3. Send a scanned copy to rdrmdsty@adobe.com.
  4. Download the product installer and deploy.

Data collection

10.3.0 introduced a data logging mechanism that enables Adobe to collect a small amount of data that can help improve the product. All data is combined across users and devices, and there is no way Adobe can identify a specific device or user from which this information is collected. This data does not include any private data or personally identifiable information as described in our http://www.adobe.com/special/misc/reader/learnmore_reader_faq.html.

After the first product installation or upgrade from an earlier version, users are asked if they would like to opt-in to the data logging program. Opt-in is neither silent nor automatic. Users must choose to opt-in. After opt-in, Acrobat mobile collects the generic information shown in the tables below.


Users always have complete flexibility to opt-out of Adobe’s analytics collection at any point. On opt-out, the product immediately stops sending any data back to Adobe’s servers. A user can always decide to opt-in at a later point.

Data collected about the user
Item Description
User opt in A simple counter value indicating that the user has opted in. No personal information or device identifier is collected.
Data collected about the user’s device
Item Description
Device Type Device model and manufacturer detail; for example, iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC Nexus One, or any other device type available.
OS version The OS type (either Android or iOS) and version.
Screen resolution The resolution in pixels.
Data collected on every document open
Item Description
Pages Number of pages.
Document type

Possible values:

  • Standard
  • Portfolio
Security type

Possible values:

  • None
  • Standard: Password required
  • Standard: Password not required
  • Livecycle Rights Management (LCRM)
Page size/Geometry

Possible Values:

  • Unique
  • Non Unique