Free avatar creator.

Quickly and easily make an animated avatar from your own voiceover or audio file. No animation know-how needed.

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How to make an avatar.

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1. Choose a character.

Pick a character. Then, upload an audio file or record your own voiceover in the free online animation tool.

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2. Customize.

Preview your audio and animation. Change characters, swap out the background, or cut down audio as needed.

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3. Continue editing.

Resize your newly animated avatar video to fit any social channel in one click. Instantly download your new avatar to share online or keep editing.

Choose from a wide range of avatars.

Pick from a wide range of characters – become an animated unicorn, emoji, alien, and more. Swap characters out with various people, animals, or imaginative creatures to see how they fit your voiceover. This quick, easy, and free avatar creator tool lets anyone make animated characters without prior experience.


Add your voiceover for a personal touch.

Bring your character to life when you upload your own audio files or record a voiceover of up to two minutes long in the online animation tool. Pause at any time and resume when you’re ready. Select Done to process your audio and generate your animation. Preview your avatar with newly added audio and watch how each Adobe Express character’s eyes and hand gestures move naturally with the tone of your voice for an engaging viewing experience.

Customize your animation to perfection.

Pause recordings and switch up avatars anytime. Hit the Preview button to watch your animated avatar deliver dialogue in sync. Drag the trim handles on either side to cut down audio at the beginning or end. You can even enlarge your character or minimize them to best fit the dimensions of your background and social destination.

Share your new animation to any social channel.

Download and publish your animated content to all your social media profiles, Twitch channel, YouTube videos, and so much more. Pick from preset sizes based on your favorite digital destinations or select from a square, landscape, or portrait size. Or, enter custom dimensions if you’d like.

Make videos on the go.

Quickly and easily make videos wherever and whenever using Adobe Express. Trim, resize, change speed, and merge videos in seconds. Available for free on mobile and web.