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Adobe Express helps you make a custom gift certificate template for any occasion. All skill levels welcome.

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An easy-to-use gift certificate maker with free templates.

Gift certificates allow a business to generate an additional revenue stream. They also give customers a quick and simple gift idea for loved ones. But these relatively transactional documents must look professional, or they risk devaluing the brand they serve. By using a gift certificate template from Adobe Express, you can create something functional and eye-catching in a matter of minutes — at your computer.

Design your gift certificate now

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How to make a gift certificate.

Design your gift certificate now

Beautiful, versatile gift certificates. Adobe Express can help you with that.

Gift certificates are a great marketing tool and an easy way to promote your business, organization, or cause. Adobe Express puts the power of creativity in your hands so you can let loose and design your gift certificate the way you like. Best of all, Adobe Express is free to use and easy to master, so you can always get the perfect gift certificate made every time, quick and stress-free.

Design your gift certificate now

Let Adobe Express be your gift certificate design expert.

Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your gift certificate from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. With Adobe Express, it’s free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

Design your gift certificate now

Frequently asked questions.

What is the standard size of a gift certificate?
For wallet-sized gift certificates, 3.5” by 2” is a standard size. For check-sized gift certificates, 6” by 2.75” is a good starting size. You can even make your gift certificate letter size at 11” by 8.5” – it’s up to you. Choose a size based on your needs, and use the Resize tool to adjust at any time.
What should I include on my gift certificate?
Your logo, the gift certificate value, branded or holiday-related imagery, or contact details are common features. Depending on the size and the purpose of the gift certificate, you can decide how much content you want to have. Gift certificates also generally have some sort of fine print or additional details on the backside.
How do I make my gift certificate double sided?
Design one side of your gift certificate, then duplicate your project and use your first page as a template to create the second side.
Can I create my own gift certificate template?
Any new or existing project can be turned into a shareable template. Open your project, choose the Share option in the top right, and follow the prompts to make your own template. Access your templates from your library and share with collaborators.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, Adobe Express has a free plan that includes core features like photo editing tools and effects and thousands of free templates. Learn more about our plans and pricing.