Create extraordinary images with free photo effects.

From filters and animation effects to detailed retouching, make a standout shot in just a few clicks with our free online photo editor.

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Unleash your creativity with artistic effects.

Transform your images with the photo effect features from Adobe Spark. Whether you want a classic black-and-white effect or vivid colors with punchy contrast, there’s a photo filter to suit any style. Fine-tune brightness, saturation, and more to make your image match your aesthetic. Remove the background from photos to highlight a subject and create a collage-style design. You can even add animation to images for something truly eye-catching. There are countless ways to get creative with your photos.

Make your image black and white with photo filters.

Use our free filter feature to transform your images into stunning black and white photos in a snap.

Remove the background from your photo to highlight your subject.

Use the remove background tool to add transparent background to your photo in seconds. Select your image, select the Remove Background option, and watch as Adobe Spark works its magic. Add a shape crop to your newly edited image to make it stand out even more.

Enhance your image instantly.

Open the online Photo Enhancer tools for further personalization. Adjust the lighting of your photo to define contrast, adjust photo brightness, highlight, and shadow. Curate the color aesthetic with the image saturation and warmth options. Then, use the Sharpen sliding scale to add definition to a blurry photo or edge to your image.

Add animation to your image.

Transform any image into an animated design with the animation feature. Select from a library of animation effects to add life to the photo in your design. Use this tool to capture the attention of your audiences across your digital platforms.

How to add effects to your photo.

Upload your image.
Upload your desired image from your own photo library or select a stock image to feature in your design.
Apply effects to your photo.
Select the photo to access the editing menu options. Under the Filters tab, you can add depth and style with preset filters. Hit the shuffle button on applicable filter options to see how it switches up the style. Finish off with the Enhance option to finetune your photos with sliders for contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, or sharpening.
Remove the background from your image.
Select your photo, then choose the Remove background option to isolate your subject. Pair it with the Blur effect to transform the background, or use the Crop & Shape tool to place your photo into an exciting shape.
Apply photo animations to your design.
You can also incorporate animation with the photos in your design. From the animation menu, scroll past the text options until you reach the photo animation effects. Play around with the featured options until you find an animation effect that brings your design to life.
Make additional edits.
Don’t forget to take advantage of the other ways to customize your images with Adobe Spark. Add creative text styles or playful icons to your design. Play around with the Layout option to create a photo collage using your newly edited photo. There are thousands of free design assets and tools ready for you to use right at your fingertips.
Save and download.
Instantly download your edited image to your device. Share it across your social channels and digital platforms, or print it out at home, at work, or with a professional printer. Adobe Spark saves your designs so you can always go back and make additional changes. Undo any changes you don’t like as you go. No edits are permanent, so you can always revert to your original version as needed.

Customize your photo online with filter effects to make it your own.

Adobe Spark makes professional editing tools accessible for anyone, so you can learn how to enhance and optimize images yourself. Transform standard images into high quality, eye-catching designs with our free photo filters. Then, further personalize your design by making enhancing adjustments, adding text, and topping it off with animation. There are endless ways to create stunning content for any channel, on any device.

Add photo effects now

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