Easily add music to your Instagram Story.

Easily add sound effects, music, and audio files to your Instagram Story with Adobe Express, your all-in-one AI content creation app. No experience needed.

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How to add music to Instagram Stories.

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1. Upload or pick a song.

Search for free Adobe Stock soundtracks in Adobe Express or upload your own audio to your Instagram Story.

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2. Drag and drop.

Drag and drop your soundtrack onto your story. Adjust the duration and start time of each song directly on your timeline.

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3. Keep editing.

Fine-tune the volume, add additional soundtracks, or keep editing your project. Download and share your new Instagram story with music.

An Instagram story with music added from Adobe Stock.

Delve into a diverse range of free music.

Easily find the perfect soundtrack for your Instagram story with a vast selection of royalty-free music from Adobe Stock. Experiment with genres such as blues, rock, classical, and jazz to evoke the desired vibe for your stories. Seamlessly combine audio clips into your timeline by simply dragging and dropping, then fine-tune as required using splitting or trimming tools.

Eliminate background noise from your Instagram Stories.

Right-click your story clip and select "Mute" to instantly eliminate distracting sounds, so your visual message shines. With tons of free audio tracks at your fingertips in Adobe Express, you can seamlessly add music to your promo stories, real estate stories, and more, giving them a professional look and feel.

Design of a red background and a blue picture with a person posing, plus a yellow title. It includes the mute audio option from Adobe Express.
Instagram story with design assets in the background and an option to upload audios from the device in the upper right corner.

Stand out with your own music or audio files.

Create personalized Instagram stories by adding your original audio to your Instagram Story. Import your audio tracks directly into your project, then drop them into the video editor. Click and drag them to a specific scene to achieve perfect timing every time.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I edit an Instagram Story online for free?
Yes, anyone can use Adobe Express to add music to an Instagram Story for free. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly create and edit Instagram Stories, with tons of customizable templates to kickstart your creative process, then export them to your device.
Do I need editing experience to add music to an Instagram Story?
No editing experience is required to add music to your Instagram Stories. Just choose from our wide collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtracks to add to your videos or upload your very own.
How do I add music to an Instagram Story online?
Our in-browser editor has all the editing tools to add music to your Instagram Stories. Adding sound to your content is a great way to make your visual message pop. Search by mood or genre to get curated, royalty-free song recommendations from Adobe Stock, or upload your own audio. Drop your audio track to different scenes in your timeline or mix and match several songs to one video. The options are endless with Adobe Express.
Do I need prior video editing experience to use Adobe Express?
No prior video editing or creating skills are necessary. When making videos in Adobe Express, all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to kickstart their creativity with ready-made video templates, graphics, stock music, photos, and videos to choose from.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, we have a free plan available for anyone. Enjoy everything you need to stand out, including thousands of templates, hundreds of Adobe Stock images, photo editing and effects, and much more. Visit our plans and pricing for details.