10 Customizable LinkedIn Cover Photos That Could Give You the Edge

You’ve got a succinct headline, an impressive resume, endorsements, and supporters singing your praises on the platform. But none of that matters if people are scrolling right past your LinkedIn profile. One way to get potential connections and recruiters to linger longer is to hook ‘em with an intriguing LinkedIn cover photo that instantly communicates your passions and strengths.

And guess what? Most people aren’t taking advantage of the customizable cover images on LinkedIn, so this is your chance to make your profile stand out in a sea of sameness.

Your LinkedIn banner image should showcase your personality and, when possible, relate to your line of work. Keep in mind that the bottom left corner of your image will be obscured by your profile photo, so keep the important parts of the image and any text to the center or right.

We created 10 customizable templates made with Adobe Spark to help get you started with personal branding on the platform — no graphic design experience needed. Each of these templates are already the right size for your professional profile, so simply click the image you love most to make it your own!


Highlight Your Passions

LinkedIn Cover Photo: Man taking a photo


You’re more than your job experience and that’s increasingly important to job recruiters who scour the social media profiles of candidates to determine culture fit. Your personality and interests matter to profile visitors who are seeking the right collaborators to work with, too.

Promote your other social media profiles on your LinkedIn cover photo or use this space to highlight your interests in and out of work. Feel free to highlight your company logo if you’re a business owner, as your brand should be something you’re passionate about!

Not only will showcasing your passions draw in other people in your field, but it instantly makes you more than just another number in a hiring database or LinkedIn search. Even if a potential connection moves on to other profiles as they’re weighing their options, they’ll recall your profile and come back to you in the end. Being memorable is an important step in earning opportunities, whether you’re seeking new job offers or high-quality leads.

LinkedIn Cover Photo: Just dance


LinkedIn Cover Photo: Ball is Life


If you list your interests or social handles, be sure to set the text in an easily readable font and align it to the right. This way, your beautiful profile picture and your amazing passions can equally stand out.

Showcase Your Crusade

LinkedIn Cover Photo: Keep nature wild


Are you looking to work for a company that shares your values? Seeking to form deeper connections with your current collaborators? Or perhaps you’re looking to connect with other like-minded social crusaders. Infusing your LinkedIn page with the causes you’re passionate about will help draw in connections that can help you make a difference.

If your career or business goals are intertwined with wildlife conservation, human rights, or any other admirable causes, don’t be afraid to let the cause take the spotlight. This way, your profile visitors will instantly associate you with the difference you aim to make.

Use Your Location

LinkedIn Cover Photo: New York


Location is a key filtering tool for many recruiters. You can highlight the city you’re from—perhaps by featuring your city skyline—or the city you want to land that dream job in to catch the locality of certain prospects. The company you work for will be confident that you’re committed to staying or moving to their city—and you definitely want recruiters to be confident in you.

If you’re a business owner, highlighting your location can tell potential clients where they can find you. You can even use your LinkedIn cover image to highlight your specific service areas or business locations within a city and save your potential leads some research time. Providing this information in a convenient place allows them to choose your brand faster.

Retailers can also benefit from featuring their city because it can attract many consumers in your area who are always down to shop local.

Sum Up Your Skills in One Infographic

Technical Empathic


It’s no easy task, but if you can articulate what makes you you, you’ll make the recruiter’s job that much easier—and give yourself a leg up on the competition. Tell your page visitors about who you are before they have to ask. You can make the best first impression by succinctly defining what you have to offer, beyond the technical skills and experience that the rest of your profile will outline.

To get close to summing up your full value in a couple words and images, consider what core strengths you bring to the table. Are you technical and empathetic? Strategic and creative? Proactive and inclusive? The combinations are endless. A Venn diagram is one of many great ways to visually communicate the intersection of your strengths within your LinkedIn background image.

Belong to Your Field

Galaxies and Stars


Whether it’s science, humanities, business, or the arts, claiming your space as a key contributor to your area of expertise is a great way to establish immediate recognition from experts and recruiters in the field. Instead of making them do the guesswork, you can use your header image to make it clear that you have the knowledge they want.

Champion with pi


We recommend using free photos, icons, and other design elements on Adobe Spark to clearly and effortlessly showcase what you do. There’s no need to clutter your LinkedIn cover photo with a ton of words to show your commitment to and knowledge in a field, so your customized template can still look clean, while showcasing your expertise in the end.

Assert Your Taste

Inverted photo of a female


Never underestimate the power of doing something differently. The shots of crisp workspaces and landscape photography are safe LinkedIn go-tos, but they’ve been done before. What about a trendy portrait from an interesting angle, or an interesting texture or color gradient? Search for stock photos that grab attention but reinforce your overall personal brand.

You can even consider how the type of image you choose can enhance or play off of your headshot in a creative way—for example, a pattern that matches (and doesn’t clash) with your blazer or profile picture’s backdrop.

Adobe Spark has thousands of professional photos that you can use as a free LinkedIn background photo—and you can search by mood or aesthetic. You definitely don’t have to settle for an image you’re only lukewarm about. Take your time and browse until you’ve found the one.

Different shades of blue


Spruce up your LinkedIn profile in seconds with a compelling graphic. Adobe Spark has hundreds more templates in the app you can use as starting points for your cover image, which is the very first page element your profile visitors will see.

Once you choose and finish customizing the template that best reflects your brand, simply export as a .jpg or .png file and you’ll have a high-resolution LinkedIn cover photo—in the perfect image size—that’s ready to upload to your profile!

As your LinkedIn profile gets more views and greater engagement thanks to your eye-catching cover image, you’ll see the results. From job interview offers to chat requests from potential clients, your inbox will be filled with more of the messages you actually want to see.