100+ Instagram Captions To Grow an Engaged Following

Here at Adobe Spark, we spend a lot of time (like a lot) thinking about how to create the best images for the ‘gram. But what about the caption? That often-overlooked space is hugely important for converting scrollers into followers. And more and more, we see savvy communicators putting that real estate to good work by offering like-worthy witticisms and even using it as a micro-blogging space.

The best Instagram captions in 2020 need to have an authentic message, use targeted hashtags, and be relevant to the images posted. A strong caption acts as the punchline to your Instagram photo’s setup, offers a window into who you are, or educates with longer copy. Here’s a breakdown on what you need to know about great Instagram captions in 2020:

Want to get inspired to create killer Instagram captions? Here are more than 100 Instagram captions, written with your goals and common Instagram content in mind. Get your creative juices flowing with these ideas, but don’t forget to remix them a little for your unique voice and style.

Captions That Will Help You Get More Followers

instagram captions: 90's type of love


instagram captions: young boy playing harmonica


instagram captions: I Am


To build followers and encourage sharing of your content, give viewers a call to action (CTA) to follow your account or to encourage friends to follow along.

When creating CTA posts, keep your captions on-brand, make sure your CTA stands out with white space around it (for easy visibility), use relevant emojis around your CTA to draw eyes, and show future followers how you will deliver value. Here are examples of CTAs to include in your photo caption:

Captions that Boost Comments/ Discussion

instagram captions: How done are you today


instagram captions: image of telephone


instagram captions: speak your mind


Posts that get comments and shares tend to show up more in people’s feeds, so it’s always a good idea to start conversations on Instagram.

Write captions that boost engagement by knowing your audience’s interests and encouraging them to open up. People want to connect! All you need to do is give them Insta captions that prompt responses. You could try asking an open-ended question or providing an easy one-word or one-emoji prompt to lower the barrier of participation. Make sure you’re keeping the good juju going by responding to those who answer your question.

Here are some examples of comment-boosting captions that build a relationship with your audience:

Captions to Use for Selfies

instagram captions: captions for selfie


instagram captions: national selfie day of cat taking a selfie


instagram captions: selfie image of a man


A kick-butt first line is crucial for any caption, but especially for your perfect selfie. Your selfie captions should reflect the vibe your picture conveys, so first ask yourself what emotions you need to evoke. Is your picture silly, self-effacing, courageous, vulnerable, or excited? Capture the mood with a famous quote, fitting song lyric, or an on-point caption. You can also ask questions about your location or outfit to encourage comments from your audience.

There’s no one perfect Instagram caption for any selfie, so have fun with it and try some of these ideas out:

More selfie templates

instagram captions: selfie girl


instagram captions: afro girl selfie


instagram captions: beautiful woman selfie


Captions That Help Drive Traffic

Get more traffic to your website with Instagram captions that draw people to your bio and encourage them to click that link. Whether you’re sending users to your website, YouTube page, or another location, your awesome caption should provide enough value and enticement that people stop their scroll, click to your bio, and then click through your link. If you have a shoppable Instagram account, your photo captions should get people to click into and shop the photo.

There are a few copy tactics you can employ to entice people to click through:

  1. Be explicit and clear about what you’re offering if people click through.
  2. You might also try offering a snippet in your caption. If your blog post has 10 tips, give IG scrollers two, so they’re hooked into clicking your link to read more.
  3. Leave them wanting more! Be a little mysterious; hint at a surprise or awesome deal or mind-blowing fact, but don’t give it away entirely. If you employ this tactic, just make sure your content delivers after the jump, so you’re not guilty of clickbait.

Here are some examples:

Quote Captions

instagram captions: quote captions


instagram captions: quote captions


instagram captions: girl in yellow with quote


Inspire, connect, and encourage engagement with quotes that speak to your audience. There are two great ways to share Instagram quotes.

  1. Share a quote as your Instagram post (use Adobe Spark to make it look great), then reflect on the quote in your caption.
  2. Post a photo that’s evocative of your quote, then add the quote into your Instagram caption. Add white space below the quote, then add your personal reflection on the quote. Be authentic and, if you like, be vulnerable! Use this as a way for your audience to get to know the people behind your brand.

If the caption is long, use line breaks (white space) to make it easy to read. For example, after a quote about staying strong during hard times, you could post something like: “Have you ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere? This week our work has been full of challenges and it’s like I can barely keep my head above water. How do you stay afloat during rough work weeks?” This shares your personal experience with a famous quote so your audience can connect with you.

Here are a mix of quotes about inspiration, keeping the faith, and reaching for success:

Captions Perfect for Selling

instagram captions: living fashion


instagram captions: selling caption


instagram captions: launch caption


Dial in your first line so scrollers want to read more and convert to a sale.

Have an event? Amp up the excitement. Doing a collaboration? Tag your partners and get their followers on board. Have some hot tips? Offer how-to value by showing followers how to use your product and why it’s desirable.

Here are some examples of cool captions that help sell:

Funny Instagram Caption Ideas

People love to laugh, so giving people the giggles is always a great way to put them in a good mood.

Even businesses with serious brands can have fun on Instagram, too. Just be sure to tie your funny or sassy Instagram captions into the photo you post. You want to make sure everyone is in on the joke. Animals being silly are always awesome, and you can also make a clever play on words that juxtaposes well with the pic you post. You can also re-post a meme (tagging the originator whenever possible) and caption it with your own funny take on the post that aligns with your brand.

Here are a few ideas for making your followers smile:

Trending captions are popular for a reason. People love them! Whether they’re linked to a common theme, like the nostalgia of Throwback Thursday, or they help express people’s #mood, these are IG fan favorites. When all else fails you can’t go wrong when you throw one in, just remember not to rely on them too, too much.

Writing Your Own Captions

Ready to get started writing good Instagram captions? Here’s how to incorporate the trends.

To experiment with a message-first approach to content creation, write your caption before you choose your photo. Think about what being authentic and vulnerable means to you and your brand. Don’t force anything, just let your words drive the post.

When it comes to hashtags, research which hashtags are best for your small business or brand and be sure to use them! These are the portals that bring people to your homepage. Try these additional tips for writing Instagram captions that people will care about:

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