50 Modern Fonts to Jumpstart Your Contemporary Look

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Free Modern Fonts

Adobe Fonts is a treasure trove of incredible modern fonts. Let’s take a look at some of the free fonts (and great templates) that are on offer. Even if you’re still on the Spark starter plan or new to the platform altogether, you can start playing with these templates for free.

For a flexible, clean and corporate look, try Lato Bold for a headline or Lato Regular for body copy as seen in the “Corporate Brand Guidelines” template below. Looking for a modern serif for your next branding project? Cantata One is clean and great for medium to large font sizes such as logos. It evokes a feeling of clean luxury. Select the “Herbert Apparel” template to start customizing.

Fonts (Templates L>R)
Lato Bold
League Gothic
League gothic italic
Source Sans Pro + Raleway
Bebas Neue + Floor
Myriad Hebrew + Raleway
Cantata One
Source Sans + Lora
League Gothic + Lato Bold + Bebas Neue
Bebas Neue + DIN ENGSchrift LT Pro
Local Brewery Four
Raleway (heavy) + Economica

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Boldly Simple

Make an impression with these bold and unembellished sans serifs. Short, succinct messages like quotes or sale announcements are a great place to start with these fonts. Try pairing a bold condensed font for your main text with one accent word using a wide script font. Remix the “High Five” template below which pairs Agency FB with Shabby Chic for a fun mix of modern and hand-drawn type. Alternatively, use bold type as a pattern as shown in the Blue “Swipe Up” template below. Add some text animation for a fun bit of motion (available on the Spark Post mobile app). Choose any of the templates below to get started.

Fonts (Templates L>R)
Agency (Regular Condensed) + Shabby Chic
Acier BAT Text + Mina
Nimbus Sans + Shabby Chic
Titling Gothic FB Skyline
Forma DJR Deck (Light)
Atrament (Bold Italic)
Ohno Blaceface

Modern Sophistication

If you’re looking for something with a bit more personality while still keeping your design clean and contemporary, here are some great serifs and san serifs to play with. Try using them for headlines, announcements, logos, social media travel stories and more. Pair a serif font with lots of personality like Lust (seen below in the “Decadent Treats” template) with a simple sans serif like Ariana Pro. This way you create a hierarchy of importance of information in your design and allow your followers to more easily digest its content.

Fonts (Templates L>R)
Bennet Banner (extra condensed black) + Proxima Nova
Lust + Carbon
Ivy Mode (semi bold) + Ivy Mode Italic
Civane (NorMed) + Tisa Sans Pro
Madrone Standard + Metallophile SP8 (light)
Lust + Ariana Pro
Gastromond + Bureau Grotesque (condensed med)
Benguiat Pro ICT (Med) + Benguiat Pro ICT (Book)

Clean & Versatile

Sometimes you just need an all-round multi-purpose font that can be used easily and doesn’t detract from your design but instead, adds to its simplicity.

Try Acier BAT as shown in the “Succulent” template or Antarctican (with an outline effect) as in the “New + Now” template. Another great thing to do with simple type is to play with type cases. Mix headlines that are all in uppercase with sentence case sub-headers or vice versa.

Remix the templates below to start your design.

Fonts (Templates L>R)
Acier BAT Text (Solid) + Carbon (regular)
Archivo Black + FF Market
ITC Avant Garde Pro (Bold) ITC Avant Garde Pro (BK)
Antarctican Headline (medium)
DIN ENG schrift LT Pro + Shabby Chic

Handmade Organic

Script, brush and hand-written fonts are a great way to add an organic, homemade softness to your design. Paired with a sans serif or all on its own, these handcrafted fonts are perfect for your next fashion, travel, or typographic design.

Luxus Brut is a great calligraphy font, perfect for the modern traveler. Remix the “Hello Portugal” template below to see which fonts pair well. If you’re looking for something bolder and more hand-written, try Marydale for a large quote as seen in the “Dress Like A Legend” template below.

Fonts (Templates L>R)
Luxus Brut (Regular) + Ariana Pro (Medium)
Professor + P22 Stickley Pro Headline
Marydale (Black)
Eds Market Bold Slant
Beloved Script (bold) + Agency FB (Light) + Continuo + Beloved Sans (Bold)
Vervine (Regular)
Mina (Regular) + Metallophile Sp8 (Medium + Light)

Sporty & Spicy

With such a bounty of excellent sporty fonts, we couldn’t resist highlighting these strong and sassy fonts for your next athletic-inspired project. CC Monster Mash is a strong italicized brush font that means business. See the “It’s Game Time” template below for inspiration on how to use it as a pattern. Abolition is a classic collegiate style font with a good selection of style options. Try mixing Regular with Soft Oblique as seen in the “Game 01” template below.

Pro tip: test out your favorite sans serif bolded, condensed, and italicized for a more active look.

Fonts (Templates L>R)
CC Monster Mash
Countach (Bold Italic) + Agency FB
Hotel + Ariana
Abolition (Regular + Soft Oblique)
Imperial URW (Bold Oblique + Medium)
Bureau Grotesque Extra Compressed (Bold + Medium)
Dimensions + Presicav
Agency FB + Brandon Grotesque
Carbon (Bold Italic + Regular) + Rollerscript (Smooth)

Font Pairings to Try

Sans Serif + Serif
Sans Serif headline paired with a Serif for the body copy. Create contrast between the two to create hierarchy and make your content easier to digest.
Sans Serif + Handwritten Font
Sans Serif with a script or handwritten font for ultimate contrast.
Dynamic Fonts + Neutrals
Pair a font with lots of personality with a neutral font. There’s only room for one snazzy font.
Bold + Outlined
Combine a bold typeface with an outlined version to keep your design consistent while also creating contrast.