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Adobe Express Premium is now free for eligible nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits all around the world can benefit from thousands of design assets and templates to quickly and easily create unique content that communicates and drives their missions. We are harnessing our creative and technological strengths to enable the world’s 10 million+ nonprofits to accelerate their mission, engage their donors, reach more people and drive greater impact. Adobe Express for Nonprofits is part of Adobe’s long history of providing software through our Technology to Transform initiative to communities and nonprofit organizations to help them creatively tell their stories, inspire action and advocate for change.

We’ve been collecting stories from nonprofits around the world who are using Adobe Express in transformative ways, and here’s one such inspiration:

Empowering Mexican women and their communities in central Mexico to solve their own problems is at the core of the nonprofit organization, PSYDEH. The reasoning is clear. When women are given the opportunity and supported, they can become impactful leaders.

PSYDEH is a grassroots organization working to confront social and economic inequality. PSYDEH works in the rural, indigenous state of Hidalgo, a marginalized state in Mexico, where up to 86% of the population earns the poverty threshold of $80USD per month or less. Women are central to families, communities, and cultural traditions, but they play a minor role in civil society. As a result, women average a 3rd-grade education, 95% report violence and discrimination, and few can travel safely inside or outside of their locales.

PSYDEH fosters female-driven, sustainable community-led development, and recently Adobe partnered with them to amplify their message and expand their impact.

“PSYDEH’s mission isn’t always easy to explain to local women partners or global donors. So what do we do to build traction? We focus on creating an online library of DIY human-centric short films, videos, and animation. Or we co-produce with women their own photo and text portraits. This work shows how PSYDEH makes a paradigm change. It is also expensive and hard to do without the right design experts and tools.

Enter Adobe Express. Adobe Express is a game changer that allows us to turn ideas into the professional-grade visual assets we need to sustainably transform ourselves, organizations, and society. Huzzah! “

- Damon Taylor, Senior Advisor, PSYDEH

As an early adopter of Adobe Express for Nonprofits, PSYDEH created visual assets for their website, social media accounts, and international labor rights training. They also built poster templates in Spanish and the three Indigenous languages in which they work — Otomi, Tepehua, Náhuatl. These templates will be used by PSYDEH’s partner women-led cooperatives and to promote their digital inclusion forum that brings together hundreds of women across geographic, language, and cultural boundaries.

As part of PSYDEH’s 2022-2024 Tech For All and economic solidarity programming, they have developed and are now giving a series of Adobe Express training sessions to their staff and local partners with the aim to give women the design tools they need to transform lives in a sustainable way. Many are digital creative beginners and are just learning how to use ICT tools.

“Our partnership with Adobe greatly strengthens PSYDEH’s ability to pursue a key value proposition: Creative Impact. We view creative processes and expressions as essential tools for building the relationships needed to make a sustainable impact. With Adobe Express, we can now collaboratively create high quality and impactful materials easily. And the fact that AX is available in Spanish means that we can also co-create with local women partners the materials needed to develop programs, strategic communication, and amplify voices.”

-Andrea Muñiz, Digital Communications Manager, PSYDEH

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