Create more engaging, creative lessons with the new Adobe Express Google Classroom add-on

After launching Adobe Express for Education last year, we’ve been thrilled to see K–12 teachers across the US leveraging the app’s free, web-based tools to ignite creativity and learning in their classrooms. Educators are empowering students of all ages to make stunning graphics, web pages, videos, and other creative projects with professionally designed templates, ready-made lesson plans, and easy-to-use tools in Adobe Express.

And now, we’re excited to announce that Adobe Express is available to teachers and students directly from Google Classroom as one of the first Google Classroom add-ons.

Uniting the most powerful tools for teaching and learning.

Google Classroom gives teachers a secure and simple way to manage, measure, and enrich their students’ learning experiences. New add-ons give teachers and students immediate access to even more great educational tools — including Adobe Express for Education.

Through the Adobe Express add-on, teachers and students can access fun and intuitive design tools plus thousands of ready-made education templates right inside Google Classroom. Curated for K–12 classrooms, the templates include simple graphics, posters, and flyers as well as more complex creations like infographics, graphic organizers, websites, portfolios, interactive research papers, explainer videos, and more. Teachers can either assign templates directly to students or use templates to teach new material.

Since students often find it daunting to start a project from a blank page or to complete an assignment with an entirely new tool, these templates can reduce anxiety and task-avoidance by giving students a visually engaging starting point that they can customize with easy editing tools. Teachers can also find relevant templates to facilitate lessons, and then customize them further to fit their specific needs.

How does the Adobe Express Google Classroom add-on work?

Once a school or district IT administrator sets up Single Sign-On and installs the add-on, it will automatically appear in the Add-ons section of the Google Classroom Assignment screen. (Learn more about how to enable the add-on.)

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A teacher can simply go to a Google Classroom class, create an assignment, and click the add-on to open Adobe Express in the Google Classroom window. Then the teacher can choose a template and customize it if they wish. Their Projects folder will update within the add-on, and they can assign the project template directly to their students.

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When a student gets the assignment in Google Classroom, they can also click the Adobe Express add-on to get to work. The student can make a copy of the teacher’s template and customize it with their own text, images, graphics, animations, and other design elements to show their creativity, practice their communication skills, and develop their higher-order thinking skills as they synthesize and present their knowledge in a visual way.

When finished, the student can seamlessly send the assignment back to the teacher through the Submit to Google Classroom option in Express. The teacher can view the work and provide feedback without having to leave Google Classroom.

Watch a quick video to see the Adobe Express add-on in action:

Watch the video

Boost creativity and storytelling skills with fun and relevant class projects.

Adobe Express makes it easy for teachers to infuse any class, subject, or assignment with creativity. Not only can teachers quickly find and customize relevant templates through the Google Classroom add-on, but they can also discover curated collections of lessons and activities by subject and grade level on the free Adobe Education Exchange.

The Adobe Express Google Classroom add-on is available for all Google Workspace for Education users who have the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Google Workspace for Education Plus editions.

Learn more about Adobe Express for Education, and compare Google Workspace for Education editions to find the one that’s right for your school.

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