The very best templates for Q2 (April-June)

The first hurdle of the year is over and done with and we’re looking ahead to a fruitful second quarter. To help you make the most of upcoming events, we’ve curated essential templates for the coming season — this way, you can continue to express yourself on social media, craft messages of well-wishes for family and friends, or use seasonal events to capitalize on business opportunities.

Seasonal templates

Seasonal events provide a wonderful opportunity to plan content in advance, celebrate with loved ones, or spark an idea for a unique moment or special promotion. Join us as we run through some of the key events coming up in April-June of 2024 to prep you for planning ahead.

Easter Sunday/Monday (March 31-April 1)

Wish your friends and family a very happy Easter with our range of Easter-themed templates in Adobe Express for greeting cards, social media posts, holiday-themed events, and more.

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Eid Al Fitr (April 9-10)

It's almost time to wish your loved ones a blessed Eid, with Eid Al Fitr soon approaching on the Islamic calendar. Check out our templates so you can celebrate Eid in style.

Earth Day (April 22)

Show your support for environmental sustainability and necessary protections and celebrate the achievements of the modern environmental movement thus far with our range of Earth Day templates in Adobe Express.

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Passover (April 22-April 30)

Prepare for Passover and remember the story of Exodus with your loved ones with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

National Small Business Week (April 28-May 4)

Shout out your favorite small businesses or pat yourself on the back as a small business owner with National Small Business Week on the horizon.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)

The month of May invites us to recognize the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans towards the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Get involved with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

Typically a very exuberant Mexican-American celebration, Cinco de Mayo marks Mexico’s victory over France at the battle of Puebla in 1862. Join in the festivities with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

Mother’s Day (May 12)

Show some appreciation for mothers everywhere, including your own, with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

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Memorial Day (May 27)

Memorial Day allows us to honor and mourn those in the U.S. military who died in service of the United States Armed Forces. Show your respect with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

Pride Month (June)

Show your pride and support for the queer communities of the world with our range of celebratory templates in Adobe Express.

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Eid Al Adha (June 16-20)

Eid Al Adha, otherwise known as the Feast of Sacrifice, is one of the two main Islamic holidays this season. Memorialize this sacred time with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

Father's Day (June 16)

Show your gratitude and appreciation for fathers everywhere, including your own, with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

Juneteenth (June 19)

The nineteenth of June is an essential day in commemorating the long and difficult road to ending slavery in the United States. Mark the momentous occasion with our range of templates in Adobe Express.

Summer Solstice (June 20)

Welcome warmer weather with the Summer Solstice and our range of sunny templates in Adobe Express.

Some template newness:

Enjoying our templates? Well, there’s a whole lot more where they came from! Our collection is constantly being updated and expanded — and we’re not just focusing on seasonal events. Get a taste for some of our latest and greatest templates, brand new to Adobe Express.

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