Card designs for all your loves this Valentine’s Day

Hunni B. is an illustrator and content creator based in the Metro DC area. Her work encompasses body positivity, affirmations, natural hair love, and more while featuring representation she lacked seeing growing up. She is also an Adobe Express Ambassador.

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Valentine’s day can be a hit or miss. Personally, I love Valentine’s Day. A whole day dedicated to showing support and gratitude for the people I admire the most!? Plus, the aesthetic? Um, yes please! And don’t get me started on the nostalgic element of it too. When I was younger, it was always so exciting, especially because we got to make our own Valentine’s Day cards, drawing and cutting designs for each person we cared for, whether friends or family. Just because we’re a little older doesn’t mean that the magic and kindness from this day must be left to our younger selves. Adobe Express has tons of amazing digital card templates that we can design, edit and put a personal creative touch (maybe even virtual glitter?) on to send out to friends, family, and coworkers — it’s so fun!

Celebrating and honoring friendship in all its forms.

Since as long as I can remember, it’s been pretty much ingrained in our heads that Valentine’s Day equals romance — aka larger-than-life stuffed bears, chocolates in heart shaped boxes and lots and lots of roses. While some of that on one day could be described as cute, there’s an even more fun holiday to celebrate called Galentine’s Day — a special definition dedicated to celebrating and honoring friendship in all its forms.

For me, this holiday is just as important as the romanticized Valentine’s Day. Even if you do have a S.O., Galentine’s Day can specifically honor the people who are always there for you in other ways a romantic partner might not be. I believe you should show love to anyone you care for on this day especially (but make sure it’s even on other days!) And for those of you that are either in a situationship, or feeling awkward celebrating the holiday of love in general, that’s where Adobe Express comes in! The creative tool offers some incredible Galentine’s or platonic friendship card templates that you can send to your mom, besties, potential partners, etc. to celebrate the significance of your friendships or whatever the status may be.

From Galentine’s invitations to formal and fun invites, Adobe Express lets you add in your favorite photos of your friends, add a cute border, personalize and easily download and send off in your group chats. When creating your Valentine’s/Galentine’s cards, literally go for it! Use all the pinks, reds, and white colors (lovecore aesthetic anyone?). Maybe do something untraditional but just as cute and add some lilac or baby blue in there too. Creating these cards should be a super simple and super fun process. There’s not a lot of dedicated time for creativity for most due to dealing with day to day priorities, but I believe using creativity to express yourself is important. We’re always complimenting our friends on social media because of how much we care for them; let’s take some time to show it!

Galentine’s Day or any other way you may coin the day is about spending time with people that you love and admire most.

Plan the ultimate BFF V-Day Brunch with these invite templates.

I absolutely loveee to throw a party. For those of you planning your first ever (!) G-Day party, or event to celebrate your love for friends, here are some of my tips and tricks. The good news is there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate those you love — you make the rules!

Step 1. Design an invite! Lucky for you, in addition to fun card templates, Adobe Express also has such a great selection of party invites too for our Galentine’s brunches this month. Check out this template that is super cute and sweet or this one which has the perfect Galentine aesthetic!

Step 2. Send the invitation! With Adobe Express you can easily create any design you want, but you can also download and export the invite in every file format from jpeg to PDF. All the templates make it super easy to add in the date, time, location and even a themed dress code of reds and pinks (think of all the fire pictures!). Go the old school method and email the invite to your friends for fun or blast it on all those group chats you have going.

Step 3. If you’re celebrating at home, assign each person to bring either an appetizer or some cute drinks! Charcuterie boards always look dope on IG stories and a drink or mocktail (just as good!) is always a recipe for a fun night!

Step 4. Have some fun party decorations set up or ask your friends to come a little earlier so you all can set up together. Deck out your space with all the balloons (the more heart shaped ones the better!) brightly colored flowers, those disco balls we’ve all seen on TikTok, and some shimmering streamers for a backdrop. Easy peasy!

Step 5. Most importantly, enjoy your time spent with people you love and who love you! There’s no right or wrong way to show your love for your people. As long as you have fun, you’re all set!

Share the love with your PAW-fect besties

Our furry friends deserve our love too! Check out these super adorable templates to show your star-studded pet some love. Who wouldn’t want a little V-Day gram dedicated to someone who is always there for you. Maybe one of them will even be featured on Instagram’s best pet account!

Templates for classroom Valentine’s Day grams

Long gone are the days of what we knew of traditional construction paper V-Day grams in the classroom. But thank goodness Adobe Express has some super simple templates for teachers to share with students to make the holiday so much fun, whether you’re still virtual or in person and a lot cleaner without the glue and glitter mess (but mixed media is always a vibe)! Check out some of the Valentine’s Day templates for the classroom below.

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or everything else in between, take the time to celebrate the love with your besties, family, pets and even yourself and make sure to create, download and get a little cheesy in Adobe Express all month long — I know I will be!

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