50+ Marriage quotes for all couples

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Love is a many-splendored thing… as well as something that’s been written about for as long as humans have had the ability to put pen to paper. These 50 quotes about marriage will get you in the mood for commitment, and properly show your partner how you feel about them. Share these quotes in Valentine’s Day cards, wedding announcements or thank you cards, or social media captions for photos of you and your beloved.

Marriage quotes for all couples

Whether you’re aiming for longevity, satisfaction, or tax breaks, these happy marriage quotes, long marriage quotes, and quotes for newly married couples should give you a little perspective for your blessed union.

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Wedding quotes for the big day

It’s easy to get lost in the planning of your big day, so take a minute and read through these wedding quotes for couples on their new journey together. You can also repurpose these words of wisdom for decorating your wedding invitations, messages of congratulations for recently married friends or as captions for photos in a wedding album.

Romance and love quotes

Are you deeply in love but not yet ready to take the permanent plunge? Glean inspiration from these quotes on romance and share them with your special person on your anniversary, their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other momentous occasions for the two of you.

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