Good cover letter examples that land jobs in 2023



What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one-page introductory letter that addresses why you are the right choice for a job. This letter allows you to go further than the information available on your resume and really show off why you’re interested in a position, and why you’re the ideal candidate for whatever the position is.

Why include a cover letter?

Writing a cover letter gives you a chance to provide additional context for your background, experience, education, and skillsets that wouldn’t otherwise be automatically evident from your resume. Cover letters personalize your application and allow the employer to get to know you more before they enter the interview portion of the hiring process.

Not all employers will ask you for a cover letter so be sure to carefully read the application requirements for each position you apply for before you start writing.

How to write a good cover letter:

Start with a greeting

Begin with the appropriate greeting based on who is hiring or who will be reading this letter. If you don’t know their gender or title, write out their full name. If you don’t know who will be receiving your letter, the standard “To whom it may concern” will suffice.

Examples: Dear Ms. Clalock / Dear Kyle Mills / To whom it may concern

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself in the opening paragraph in a way that is personable and highlights why you would be a great fit for the role or company.

Example: I recently saw your posting for Social Media Manager on LinkedIn and felt deeply compelled to apply. I feel my skillset, industry experience, and career goals align with your company’s mission, and I would love the opportunity to grow with your company to further visibility for future campaigns.

Add context

Provide context for your interest in the middle paragraphs and explore your relevant experience. Stand out as someone passionate about what this role involves or how this company caters to something you care about.

Example: My responsibilities at these organizations have included content production, content strategy, data mapping, product marketing, and social network development. I developed the company-wide market strategy at WineNet and extended that strategy into a multi-year campaign that benefitted the company and their non-profit partners.

Reiterate your interest

In the closing paragraph, solidify your interest in future correspondence and thank the reader for their time and interest.

Example: Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about your company, and I look forward to sharing in the values of your company’s mission.

Sign off

End the letter with your signature

Example: Sincerely, Joss Chen

Remember: Know your audience. Tailor how you address your reader based on which industry you’d trying to work within. These letters, though made for template customization, should not be one-size-fits-all.

Features of a good cover letter

Common types of cover letters

The three most common types of good cover letters are known as applying, networking, and prospecting. They all have a different place and purpose in the working world.

Applying cover letter:

The applying cover letter is the standard mode of cover letter. It introduces you, explains why you’re interested in the position, and what experience you have that is relevant to the position desired. This letter should turn the flatness of a resume into a compelling story about your passions and strengths, and how they would apply to this particular job. Think of this letter as a concise — but warm-blooded — summation of the value you would bring to this workplace and why you are the best candidate for the role available.

Applying cover letter sample template:

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Networking cover letter:

The networking cover letter is fueled by a personal or professional connection. The purpose of this letter mode is to reach out, ask for employment advice, or inquire as to open position referrals within a particular company. This letter is commonly directed at contacts you’ve gained through your industry, past positions, social media platforms like LinkedIn, specific networking events or conferences, or any other environment in which referrals can be passed along. Keep it simple but personable, with the knowledge that the person to which you direct this letter would be helping you out with your job search.

Networking cover letter sample template:

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Prospecting cover letter:

The prospecting cover letter is used as outreach to a particular company or business in which you’re interested. If they don’t seem to have any open positions, or perhaps you just have a good feeling about them and want to know more, you can use this letter to inquire about opportunities or make new connections within the company for future use. This style of letter can also be sent to recruiters who hire within a specific industry; upon receiving your letter, they can fold you into their bank of prospective employees to pull from for their clients.

Prospecting cover letter sample template:

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