Introducing Thousands of Design Assets for Every Mood

When it comes to creating standout content, it’s all in the details: The just-right font that matches your copy and tone. The color that evokes the perfect mood. The brush stroke, border, or other accent that sets the vibe. And sometimes you don’t even know what will give your content that certain je ne sais quoi until you see it.

That’s why we’ve introduced over 20,000 new design assets to Adobe Express on the web. These graphic elements are here to help you create an aesthetic that makes people stop and listen. Think of them as the perfect accessories or pieces of flair for your message.

From frames to brush strokes to illustrations and shapes, we’ve got accents to match your style that you can arrange and play with in just a few taps. Looking for realistic foliage to amp up your organic, all-natural vibe?  We got it. Maybe something a little more abstract to match your big thinking? We definitely have that. From gritty to polished, there are design assets to match your aesthetic. As time goes on, we’ll be adding new ones to this menu, so there will always be new design ingredients to spice up your content.

20,000+ Design Assets at Your Fingertips

The best way to explore the design possibilities is to start creating! Open a project on the web and look for the menu on the left-hand side labeled Design Assets. From there you can search and browse thousands of design elements exclusive to Adobe Spark. Add an asset to your project by tapping and arranging it anywhere on your canvas. Clicking on an asset will allow you to bring it forward or backward through your canvas layers, duplicate it, or change other dimensions. You’ll need to find the assets on the web, but you can always refine further on mobile once they are added to your projects.

Get a Taste of the Design Possibilities

Here’s a taste of the kinds of assets we’ve added to the system. Try searching by type of asset, such as “frame,” “shape” or “illustration” or by aesthetic, such as “grunge,” “metallic,” “holographic”, “decorative.” Or browse by theme by tapping the Asset Type folder to discover assets organized by different categories. Want to give it a whirl? Tapping the images below will open the project with all of those assets in it, so you can get started in seconds.

Frames and Borders for Every Style

Frames and borders are great tools to draw attention to photos or text in a design. Art deco and decorative frames are perfect for fancy invitations, certificates, and formal announcements. Film photo frames instantly add a vintage, nostalgic quality to any photo. Whatever your style, there’s a frame for you.

Professional Illustrations

The possibilities with illustrations are endless! They can add color, playfulness, and stylistic flair to any design.

Eye-Catching Shapes and Accents

Shapes and accents help you draw the eye where you want it. Use brushstrokes, circles, arrows and other shapes to highlight important pieces of text or create an organic, collage look with shapes that look like torn paper or washi tape.

Gorgeous Textures and Overlays

Transform photos or even a simple solid color background with textures and overlays. Be sure to play with the opacity to get just the right look for your design. Oh, and these elements work great for the minimalist and maximalist alike!

Stay tuned for seasonal collections, based on the latest social trends, and even collections from some of our favorite artists. As always, you’ll also see these assets in ready-made templates for even more inspiration and one-tap creativity!