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Incorporating animation into your presentation can add necessary energy that will pull your coworkers into your ideas and plans for your workplace. Follow along with our easy guide to presentation animation and you’ll be engaging your colleagues in no time.

What is presentation animation?

Presentation animation is any visual effect applied to individual slides or specific objects on slides. You can animate text boxes, images, tables or indices, shapes, or any additional graphics. These effects can include changes in color or size, entrance and exit effects, slide transitions, or any other movement.

Adding animation to your presentation is easy with the free Adobe Express presentation maker. Get started today with fun and customizable animated presentation templates.

Types of presentation animation

Text animation

Text animations are animated effects applied to text already on a slide. These effects can include flickering, fading, sliding across the slide, growing in size, shuffling the colors of the text boxes, or a typewriter-style action.

Photo animation

Photo animations are animated effects applied to the static visual elements of a slide. These visual elements could be a shape, an icon, or a photograph. Effects applied to these elements could be blurring them, changing their color filter, zooming in or out of the image, using greyscale, panning from side to side, or fading the image.

More than one animated effect can be added to the same element, which can be customized based on your intended feel for the slide.

Why use animation in presentations?

Animation should be a contributing factor to your overall message. They keep the focus of your audience so you can get your point across.

Movement is a universal concept. Whether you’re using Adobe Express, Google, Prezi, or attempting to use PowerPoint animation tools, animation can be added to develop your ideas, maintain consistency in your branding, and be applied equally to multiple formats — like social media thumbnails or infographics.

Benefits of adding animation to your presentation:

How do I animate my presentation?

  1. Start with a free presentation template from Adobe Express. Add in whatever text and images you’d like, or simply use what’s provided.
  2. Tap the “Animation” tab on the righthand side to see the available elements for your slide.
  3. Select which text and images you’d like to animate and play around with the effects to find out what works best with your content.
  4. Once you’ve picked your animation elements, you can add additional slides, view all the slides at once to get a cohesive vision of your presentation, or start a new project.

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