Why you need a scheduling tool in 2024



The role of a social media manager is not easy. As someone who is often required to multi-task across community management, content creation and strategy, competitor research, and more, any social media professional will tell you that the introduction of a scheduling tool can be life-changing in how they automate processes and save hours of precious time. Adobe is pleased to offer such a tool in the form of Content Scheduler within Adobe Express — our solution to the fast-paced world of social media management.

For social media coordinators who manage multiple channels or multiple brands, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything while operating within multiple networks at once. Content Scheduler can be a great help if you’re looking to plan ahead, publish at optimum posting times, and push out content across a number of channels simultaneously.

What is a social media scheduling tool?

A social media scheduling tool is any software that will automatically publish your content to your social media channels on your behalf. Content Scheduler in Adobe Express allows you to easily plan, schedule, preview, and publish your social media content to Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Pinterest — thereby allowing you to effectively execute a multi-channel marketing strategy, save time on a day-to-day basis, and get more strategic with your social media approach in the long term.

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Who can benefit from a social media scheduling tool?

There are many benefits to making use of a social media scheduling tool, and these benefits aren’t limited to any specific type of person or business — whether you’re a social media manager for a big corporation, or an influencer working for yourself. That being said, smaller businesses do stand to gain the most in making use of social media posting tools like this one; using such software can make up for what a small business may lack in resources and allow a smaller staff to punch above their weight in the greater social media space.

Content Scheduler can be a huge help in levelling the playing field between smaller businesses and bigger brands by allowing them to plan ahead and schedule their social media content in advance, saving hours of time and making it much easier to increase their social media output. This is especially useful during busy periods such as national holidays or notable industry dates.

The key benefits of using Content Scheduler for social media scheduling

Bird’s eye view

Content Scheduler comes with a visual calendar interface that allows you to see all of your planned content across all channels in one easy-access place. This gives you a bird’s eye view over what is coming up so you can easily make last minute tweaks and changes, refine your strategy to ensure there is a variety of content, or present your short and long term plans to senior team members.

Save time

Scheduling tools allow you to automate the process of logging into individual social channels and manually publishing your content. Using Content Scheduler can make your life so much simpler and less mistake-prone, especially if you’re a small business with limited time. Automating the process of publishing your social media content can give you more time to focus on what really matters: creating quality content that will resonate with your audience.

Brand consistency

Because Content Scheduler allows you to see all of your content in one place, it’s easier to spot any inconsistencies in your branding — whether in the copy or brand imagery. Consistency is important for establishing a brand that people will be able to remember and recognize across a variety of channels. Being able to manage content for all social channels from one space will enable unity and consistency within your multi-channel strategy.

Quality control

Manually publishing content can lead to errors and mistakes — every marketer’s worst nightmare. By automating this process with Content Scheduler, you are minimizing the chance of errors, and are also taking steps to improve the overall quality of your content in other ways. Because Content Scheduler's visual interface enables you to review your content in one space, it’s often easier to spot any typos, mistakes, or simply additional opportunities to make your content better. Content Scheduler even allows you to preview what your content will look like on your social channels, so you get the full picture before you commit to posting.

Greater velocity

For smaller businesses in particular, Content Scheduler provides the opportunity to compete with bigger brands across social networks by making it easier to churn out greater quantities of content, while still retaining quality. Content Scheduler allows small businesses to overcome any disadvantages in terms of time or team size by automating the task of publishing while generally simplifying the social media management and content creation process. With less time spent manually publishing content, opportunities are also created for small business teams to find the time to create more reactive content and jump on online trends, all of which could be enormously impactful in relation to social media growth.

Content Scheduler is a wise investment for anyone looking to be more efficient and organized with their social media management. Sign up for Adobe Express today and you could be making and sharing standout content from thousands of beautiful templates in no time.

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