7 square logo examples and templates you can customize.

Every shape carries symbolic meaning, especially when it comes to a logo. A square logo can send a powerful message about what your brand is all about.

So what makes a square shape the right (or wrong) choice for a company logo? In this blog post, we’ll explain the psychology behind square logos — as well as alternative shapes — to help you understand what emotions this geometric shape can evoke. We’ll also guide you through seven square logo examples from successful companies to give you inspiration for your new logo.



Why businesses choose square logos.

Squares and rectangles are common building blocks. Think about it. When you imagine the elements that make up your home — tiles, windows, doors, concrete blocks — you usually think of square or rectangular materials. Even your home itself is likely angular and, to an extent, square. Right angles make up a large portion of our built environment.

For this reason and more, our minds associate square designs with stability, strength, security, and reliability. Square logos inspire a sense of trust. Businesses with square logos are often perceived as well-established and reliable — even if the logo belongs to a small business owner who’s just starting out.

A square logo design is the perfect choice if you want your logo to announce, “You can count on me.” Tap to customize one of the square logo templates below to start making a visual brand that’s as dependable as it is memorable.

How square logos compare to other logo shapes.

If you’ve ever watched a movie from the 1950s where characters are referred to as “squares,” you know that the shape carries a connotation of boringness. Square logos are a safe choice — which can be great for financial, legal, andreal estatecompanies — but they can also appear more rigid and conventional than other logos.

This blog post goes into the benefits of square logos, but we want to present you with some alternatives first. Also, check out our earlier blog post, “How to make a powerful logo using the right logo shapes” for a full rundown of all types of logo shapes and their meanings.

Triangular logos tend to feel more dynamic than square logos. Triangles can represent movement and power, which makes them an excellent choice for sports apparel companies like Adidas and Reebok or a transportation company like Delta Air Lines or Mitsubishi Motors. If you want your logo to highlight your company’s momentum or ingenuity, tap one of the templates below to customize it for your brand.

Circle logos, thanks to their lack of sharp corners, tend to feel welcoming and harmonious. This makes them ideal for organizations like the Olympics, which represents a gathering of people from different cultures. Start customizing an inviting, modern circular logo for your brand by tapping a template below.

7 square logo examples.

Now, let’s get to the matter at hand: examples of awesome square logos. While we already asserted that square logos inspire dependability, trust, and confidence, also know that square logos can be versatile. With the right font styles and color schemes, as well as creative twists on a standard square shape, your logo will feel unique and out of the box. Here are seven square logo examples and why they are effective, so you can get inspired and decide if a square logo is the right shape for your brand.

Microsoft has a widely recognizable square logo that takes a creative approach. The company divides its logo into four panes in four different colors, adding a splash of vibrancy and a smart representation of each of its products: orange for Microsoft Office, green for Xbox, yellow for Bing, and blue for the Windows operating system.

While color makes this modern logo eye-catching and memorable, the fact that the squares remain completely symmetrical helps Microsoft establish a sense of trust in its technology and cybersecurity.

Instagram is a social media platform that’s all about sharing creative visuals with the world. While the square shape of its logo inspires trust, its rounded edges make Instagram feel more inviting than the average square logo.

Instagram also demonstrates how your logo’s shape can evoke more than just emotions. Despite being sleek and minimalist, Instagram’s square logo clearly represents a camera, which perfectly showcases the fact that it’s a photo and video app. In this way, the logo is representative and practical in its messaging. This unique use of a square shape makes the logo so memorable that Instagram doesn’t need to include its company name to stick in users’ minds.

While LinkedIn is a social media platform like Instagram, its square logo takes a more business-forward approach to demonstrate that it’s not your standard social app. By using a plain blue square as its only design element, this logo clearly differentiates LinkedIn as a professional network. It’s also interesting to note that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft – so the square logo is another signal to the parent company’s trustworthiness and credibility.

The psychology behind the color blue, which indicates dependability and a sense of order, perfectly aligns with the psychology behind square logos. This demonstrates how you can use color to double down on the message that your logo shape sends.

Financial companies are great candidates for square logos. American Express, for example, handles incredibly sensitive information and important assets for its customers, which makes it important for them to build a brand that represents security and evokes a sense of trust.

American Express nails the use of a square logo by pairing it with a bold typeface and blue color, which together enhance the sense of strength and reliability behind its brand. Remember: font choice can help elevate a logo from boring to unforgettable.

You wouldn’t want to build a home using shoddy materials. The Home Depot, which is a retailer that sells a huge variety of construction products and appliances, uses a square logo and a bold wordmark to represent the strength of its products.

However, the warmth of The Home Depot’s color scheme makes this square logo feel more adventurous and optimistic. It represents The Home Depot’s ability to jumpstart your new project, while hinting at its affordable, accessible prices, too.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a media organization that’s known for its reliability. By using three symmetrical black and white squares, BBC demonstrates neutrality, which is perfect for a serious company that’s all about providing accurate, high-quality news, information, and educational programming.

The minimalism of BBC’s logo also allows for more versatility, enabling different divisions of its business to use color to evoke different emotions. For instance, BBC News uses red to represent the immediacy of its reporting, while BBC Weather uses blue to enhance its display of reliability. However, all of BBC’s logos still remain linked by the power of its square shapes.

Anyone who’s stepped on a LEGO knows they’re strong, but it still might seem strange to choose a logo shape that represents stability and security for a fun children’s toy. However, choosing a perfect square logo indicates to parents that its toys are safe to play with — and that they’re a well-established business that sells sturdy products for kids. A square logo is also a great choice since LEGO literally sells building blocks, even if it’s for play.

While the square shape of LEGO’s logo primarily targets parents, the company still makes its logo fun and attractive for kids. It tones down the seriousness of squares with a rounded font for its brand name, as well as bold and playful primary colors.

How to make a square logo in minutes.

If you think a square logo is right for your brand, you can easily make your own on Adobe Express with just a few taps. Browse this page full of free logo templates, then tap on your favorite square design to start customizing it with your brand colors, brand fonts, company name, and any design elements you want to use. Get started on your first step to building a trustworthy brand.

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