Adobe Express, the fast, easy and fun, all-in-one app, with Adobe Firefly generative AI built in now offers even more

We’re all living in a digital-first world where there's an increased need to stand out. That could be on social media, when applying for a dream job, in the classroom, or in the workplace. No matter what you’re trying to create or say, creativity and design are valued like never before. But this means that there’s an unprecedented demand for creators’ time and their bandwidth to experiment and learn new things.

Recently, we introduced the beta version of Adobe Express and have since received a lot of great feedback from users. Now, we’re happy to announce the general availability of Adobe Express on desktop web which incorporates additional improvements since the beta release.

We’re so excited about the ways Adobe Express is revolutionizing the way everyone can design and create standout content - whether it’s for work or fun, anyone can be empowered to be their most creative selves

We’re bringing new AI-first features and innovations to Adobe Express, that have been built from the ground up to represent more of the best of Adobe – design, video, animation, PDF and more – delivered in an even easier to use yet powerful all-in-one app.

The difference with Adobe has always been our industry-leading creative technology and our belief that everyone has unique creative potential. Now we’re making it possible for anyone to produce the highest-quality content that you can expect from us. The latest version of Adobe Express for desktop web brings the power and precision of Adobe’s leading photo, design, video, Adobe Firefly generative AI and document tools into a new, AI-first, all-in-one editor that’s intuitive, collaborative, and connected to other Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator if you or your teammates need them.

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Up your game with generative AI

With the introduction of Adobe Firefly generative AI, our new family of generative AI models for creative expression, creators are now empowered to express their creative ideas with greater efficiency without constraints. And now we’re bringing Firefly into Adobe Express workflows so creators can work more seamlessly and intuitively, taking the guesswork out of design to create anything they can imagine.

Generate truly mind-blowing and delightful content, the way you dream it up, using Text to Image and Text Effects features, from images, audio, vectors, videos and 3D to creative ingredients, like brushes and color gradients, with greater speed and ease than ever before. And now Adobe Firefly language supports over 100 languages globally, making it even easier for users from all over the world to generate high-quality images, create stunning text effects, streamline workflows and improve productivity in the language of choice, all within Express. These new generative AI-driven features are available now on desktop web, with the latest version of Express coming to mobile soon.

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Here’s a look at what’s new:

Collaborate, create and share with everyone

Adobe Express is a perfect web complement to our Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Acrobat applications. Anyone from creative professionals, enterprises, small business owners, students and educators can work more collaboratively in real time to create shared projects, school posters, webpages, unique visual elements, animated videos and more. Experience seamless integration with existing applications; import, edit and stay synced across applications to create, collaborate and deliver content at scale.

Users can import and enhance PDFs quickly and easily directly in Express, adding eye-catching text, images, brand logos and so much more to uplevel any document. Express enables anyone to collaborate in real-time, and action quick tasks for social media creations or concept approval, all while empowering teams to stay on brand. Enterprises can generate beautiful, on-brand ready-to-share content that can be seamlessly edited in Express and tagged with Content Credentials, bringing critical trust and transparency to digital content wherever it travels. Small and medium businesses can now easily plan, schedule, preview and publish standout content, all from one place. And more than 56M students and educators around the world already have access to Express to work collaboratively in real-time to create stunning digital portfolios, shared projects, flyers, flashcards, animated videos and more.

For all Creative Cloud subscribers, memberships include the full paid version of Adobe Express Premium and CC members can now easily and seamlessly access, edit and work with Creative Cloud Libraries and assets built with Photoshop and Illustrator, including as embedded linked assets that auto-update, so everything stays in-sync.

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Get more from our growing partner ecosystem

We’re bringing the capabilities users need right when they need them, and right where they are already working. That starts with making Adobe Express available on partner surfaces through our new Adobe Express Embed SDK.

We're teaming with Wix, a leading platform for creators and businesses to build, manage, and grow an online brand, to bring the best of Adobe Express and the Wix platform to both our user bases. Initially, Wix users will be able to access Express directly from the Wix dashboard through the media manager where they can seamlessly edit and polish images for their webpages, as well as add effects, animations, text, shapes, icons, and more.

With the latest version of Adobe Express now available on Google Chromebooks across the US, K-12 students and teachers can effortlessly create engaging multimedia class projects that combine videos, posters, web pages, animations and more.

We’re also partnering with Google Chrome to help creators and businesses more easily design, manage and bring the best of Adobe Express directly inside new platforms. Users can now download the Adobe Express for Chrome extension or visit here to access the Express web app from the browser. By using the extension, with a simple right click in their browser, users can instantly generate custom images and text effects with Firefly, perform video editing and image quick actions, and unlock creative workflows with access to the full all-in-one editor web app. Keep your assets right at your fingertips and your projects-on brand, wherever you are on the Web.

Our partner ecosystem also has a role to play inside Adobe Express. Recently we started extending Adobe Express functionality by inviting developers to build add-ons. These Adobe Express add-ons enable more efficient and creative workflows and unlock innovative tools. Just in time for back-to-school, the Google Classroom add-on gives teachers and students access to fun and intuitive design tools plus thousands of ready-made education templates.

To learn more about the Adobe Express Embed SDK or building Adobe Express add-ons, please visit our Express developer page.

We’re just getting started

This is the beginning of an exciting roadmap for Adobe Express, with generative AI-driven innovations across image creation, design, video, audio, PDFs and even more still to come.

You can access Express for desktop for free now, with plans to bring the latest version to mobile soon.

To our Adobe Express community—thank you for all your input and support along the way, we can’t wait to continue this journey of evolution with you. Until then, see you on social.

To get answers to common questions about the new Adobe Express on desktop web and on the Adobe Express membership, please visit here for more information.

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