10 funny ads that worked and why



Advertising has the capacity to influence your buying habits through relatable, unexpected humor. Learn from these examples of modern and vintage funny ads so you too can benefit from this marketing principle in your own ad content.

Why funny ads matter

Funny ads engage viewers by making them look longer and think about the content, possibly even putting them in a better mood. Any marketing content that can capture an audience’s attention has already gotten through half the battle of attracting potential new customers to their brand or business.

Positive effects of funny branding for your business

Humorous advertisement examples that worked

Old Spice

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Image source: Spotify


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Dollar Shave Club

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Image source: Geico

Comedy Central

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Use Adobe meme templates to engage your audience

It can be a little daunting to design your own ads if you’ve never done it before. Take baby steps into this process by entering the ridiculous world of memes with these free Adobe Express templates that can help you find your funny bone.

How to make your own funny ads

  1. Know your audience and design accordingly. Your customer is more willing to buy from you if they feel related to or listened to.
  2. Pull inspiration from everywhere, including other funny ads and popular commercials. Use what has worked for your competitors and make it work for you.
  3. Brainstorm with your team and cement your foundational concept. A diversity of perspectives and experiences is essential in marketing.
  4. Storyboard your concept with bold imagery, fun animation, or accessible models based on the desired effect of your marketing strategy.
  5. Utilize free Adobe Express templates for your branding and business, and play with Adobe tools for print, digital, and video ads.

Adobe Express tools and templates for your funny ads

Do you already have some commercial content to work with? Use Adobe Express video editing tools to nail down your concept and give it a tighter frame.

Need some help visualizing ad layouts? Play around with these free Adobe Express ad content templates:

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