How to make a fantasy football logo in minutes.



Getting ready for the fantasy football drafts is serious business for NFL football fans around the world. While you may already be crafting your draft strategy, scouting tight ends, and looking up quarterback stats, the best leagues need more than just top players to bring home W’s all season long. You also need an amazing fantasy football logo to keep your morale high and get the attention of your fantasy league rivals.

This fantasy football season, don’t settle for a generic sports team logo. Instead, make your own fantasy logo. This blog provides all the tips you need to make a custom logo you love with no logo design experience needed. We’ll provide five free logo templates for fantasy football logos to make your own.

It takes more than just Ws to make your fantasy team stand out. Your team needs some flair, some razzle dazzle. It can also take some creativity in the form of a custom fantasy football. But where do you start? Here are three features that many of the best fantasy football logos share. Read on to get inspired.

1. Team name.

Your team name is one of the most important aspects of your team’s brand. It’s how you’ll refer to your fantasy league team all season long. Let’s face it, names like “Home Team” or “Al’s Fantasy Football Bunch” won’t cut it in the age of trash talking social media trolls. You need a name that connects your team to a big and bold concept.

Think of your favorite NFL teams. From the Atlanta Falcons to the New York Giants, some of the most well-known football teams use symbols of strength and bravery to represent their teams.

Brainstorm a list of names and consider a unique mascot. Keep in mind that ESPN limits team names to 32 characters.

2. Team colors.

Do you have team colors? If not, pick some. Placing your team colors on a logo can quickly distinguish your fantasy football league from others. Select a color palette that symbolizes what you want your team to represent. Your logo colors can perfectly match your mascot — like the New England Patriots’ red, white, and blue — or you can take color meanings into consideration as you mock up your logo. For example, orange logos can represent enthusiasm, courage, and excitement, while red logos can represent action, strength, and confidence. Maybe you simply have a favorite color. Maybe you’ll want to go with the team colors of your high school or college alma mater. You can also always go with the colors of your favorite NFL team. Purple Pride, anyone?

3. Stand-out font.

No fantasy football team logo is complete without a striking font. Most football leagues use bold font and all-caps letters to emphasize the strength of their teams. However, don’t let the norms stop you from getting creative with your typography. Any easy-to-read, legible font can draw eyes to your team and look great when you share your wins on social media.

5 fantasy football logo examples.

Much like NFL logos, fantasy football logos are memorable symbols that can hype up your entire league. They’re fierce and bold — two characteristics that you want in any sports team. Here are five fantasy football logo concepts that you can implement as you build a brand for your dream team.

1. Animal fantasy football logo.

Animal logos are incredibly common in fantasy football and the NFL. After all, the strongest, most agile creatures in the world — including panthers, crocodiles, and cheetahs — live in the wild. When you select the perfect animal to symbolize your team, using its silhouette is a great way to create eye-catching contrast and make your team colors stand out. The simplicity of a silhouette also makes it easy to transfer your logo to any medium, whether you want physical merch of your team or a social media graphic to share with the world.

Think a panther is the right animal for your league? Tap on the template above to customize it with your favorite colors and your team name.

2. Modern fantasy football logo.

If you want a logo that looks a little different from what you normally see in the sports world, you can give your fantasy football logo an upscale yet contemporary look to give your final work a sophisticated twist.

Geometric shapes are incredibly popular with modern logos. From hexagons and triangles to squares and rectangles, adding sharp angles to your logo will give it a bit of edginess that keeps your team looking competitive. Even if the rest of your design elements include classic serif font and a realistic (rather than cartoonish) mascot, your modern take on fantasy football is sure to be fierce.

Customize our modern fantasy football logo example in a flash with your team name, colors, and preferred mascot.

3. Funny fantasy football logo.

You may be serious about your virtual hobby, but that shouldn’t take the fun away from your fantasy football league. Getting silly with your team name and design elements can be a great way to kickstart a memorable season full of excitement and laughter. Feel free to pair unexpected colors or concepts together to build a funny fantasy football logo that no other league can replicate.

Tap on the logo above to customize our layout with your creative logo elements.

4. Crest fantasy football logo.

If you want a classic football team logo, you can’t go wrong with a crest. Crests have been used for sports clubs around the world for time immemorial, and they’re a great option for teams that don’t have a mascot. Choose bright colors to add energy into a highly noticeable team logo, or opt for more traditional maroons, greens, and blues to add some class to your crest.

Make our crest fantasy football logo template your own by tapping on it now.

5. Mascot fantasy football logo.

If you have a fierce mascot for your team, putting it center stage can make your fantasy football league look like the toughest competitors on the field. This logo example shows how you can make all your logo elements work with your mascot design — perhaps by matching the curve of your text to that of your primary design asset — so your final work looks well put-together.

Make a fantasy football logo that any brave Spartan would be proud of by tapping the template above.

Anyone can make a fantasy football in just a few taps. With a free fantasy football logo maker like Adobe Express, you can quickly customize a game-ready template so you can get back to managing your team as soon as possible.

Get started by selecting your favorite logo template from thousands of free and premium options. Then, customize it with your team name, team colors, and your favorite football logo design assets. Once you’re done, you can instantly download your image file as a PNG or JPG.

When you’re ready to add your fantasy football logo to your account, you may need to complete a couple extra steps. First, you’re required to keep your ESPN fantasy football logos under 500KB, so if your file size is too high, use our free image resizer to make your logo a smaller size.

You’ll also need a fantasy football logo URL to use your image, since ESPN doesn’t allow uploads. To get a working URL, you can upload your logo to a site like Imgur or ImageShack. Once complete, your team manager is all set to head into your team settings to submit your web address. As soon as you tap “set logo,” you’re all set to play with your custom logo on the screen.

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