Awesome craft logo ideas plus free tools to make your own logo.

If you want to be successful at selling crafts, it’s not enough to spend your time doing craft projects and making awesome handmade products. You also need to brand them, and that branding needs to be memorable, original, and clear. With strong branding, your crafts business and products are instantly recognizable, easily found through online searches. The goal: become better positioned to develop a following.

Strong branding starts with a solid, identifiable business name. But the cornerstone to a strong brand identity is a unique logo for your business. Visible on your packaging, business cards, brochures, social media channels, and website, your business logo is one of your most powerful marketing tools.

It can be overwhelming to conceptualize a new craft logo design, so we’ve simplified the process for you. First, we address a few critical elements to consider when envisioning your logo. Then, we include our wide variety of craft logo ideas that you can use. Tap them to customize them as you wish, including changing the colors, images, and typography, or read on to learn how to make your own custom logo from scratch using Adobe Express's free online logo maker.


Logos can include a variety of elements, all of which are used with the intention of making your brand easily identifiable when featured on your products and brand collateral. As you consider your craft logo ideas, you may wonder about some of these frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I include a symbol in my craft logo?
Brands like Nike have done such a good job with their symbol that you don’t even need to see the brand name to know whose products you’re looking at.
Should I include my company name or a monogram of my company name in my craft logo?
Bavarian Motor Works’ “BMW” and Home Box Office’s “HBO” make a strong argument for monograms, but a full name is also powerful. Just ask Starbucks, Gucci, or McDonald’s.
Should I include a symbol and my company name or monogram?
Many logos combine both and also leave room for using one or the other by itself, depending on the use case.
What kind of fonts/typography will work best on my craft logo?
There’s a world of difference between the typography of Barbie and The Home Depot, and there are infinite options in between. More than one is right for you.
Should I include a founding date (e.g. “est. 1984”) on my logo?
For brands that want to underscore a sense of long-established reliability, this can be helpful.
What kind of vibe do I want my logo to give off?
You might aim for slick, serious, whimsical, expensive, homemade, fancy, earthy…you get the idea. Write down ideas or create a mood board to help guide your logo direction.
What colors, sizes, and shapes make the best logo?
The iconic red target for Target couldn’t be more on point. Ditto the purple and orange of FedEx (with the clever use of white space to include an arrow, indicating movement). Research and write down your ideas for logo colors, sizes, and shapes, too.

As you think about the above questions and come up with the answers to help you conceptualize your craft logo ideas, make sure your logo idea translates to various uses, such as business card design, social media profile pictures, packaging, tags (if you’re creating fashions), stickers, your website, and any other places you might surface your logo—hello, temporary tattoos.

If you’d like more insight into what makes a good logo, check out a broad selection of readymade craft logo ideas. If you already have a logo that needs a redesign, check out our blog post "Logo redesign: How to update your most important symbol”.

Craft logo designs for various types of businesses.

While you can make a professional logo from scratch, we recommend remixing a template in Adobe Express. This way, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, find the look and feel of a logo that you like and customize it as your own.

We offer a variety of logo templates below, grouped by craft business type. If you see one you like, tap on it to customize in Adobe Express. You can add your business name in your desired fonts, any images, established date (e.g., “est 2022”) or anything else you’d like to include in your crafts logo.

Craft logo ideas for sewing and tailoring businesses.

Design inspiration abounds with the handmade-sewing-themed templates below, featuring everything from scissors to needles and thread.

Use what’s already included or add more detail to your logo, such as your business name and other information, or clarifying words like “alterations” or “custom shirts.” You can alter any of the free templates to match your style. Just tap to remix.

Carpentry and woodworking craft logo ideas.

Use the below carpentry logo ideas to hammer home the handcrafted nature of your products. Notice the difference in styles and emphasis, ranging from underscoring finished product “Homeward Collection”) to services (carpentry and construction). Tap them to remix the images, fonts, and colors so you can represent your brand.

Craft logo ideas for cosmetics, skincare, and beauty brands.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it also better be in any cosmetics logo, because nothing sells beauty products like attractive packaging.

When determining your beauty logo, celebrate what your brand is all about through your image and words. If you’re inspired by botanical ingredients, consider including florals in your logo. Bold and racy? Go for big color and bold graphics. Glamorous and pricey? Think elegant. Your logo can tell your story through the visuals you choose. Tap one of the craft logo ideas below to make it fit your brand.

Craft logo ideas for ceramics, painting, leather, and other artistic businesses.

Adding your signature to your artwork is definitely a form of branding. But if you have an online craft business featuring any kind of artwork, from painting to drawing to ceramics, at a minimum you need a logo for your website, online shop, and social media assets. Make it playful, painterly, funky, or any way that best represents you. If you’re a candle maker, head over to our 21 cool candle logo ideas blog post. Tap any of the following templates for craft logo ideas to get started.

Craft logo ideas for boutique fashion, accessories, and vintage clothing brands.

We all know the importance of the fashion label. Whether it’s the literal label or the logo as a pattern (Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci double G belts, or branded Aviator Nation sweatshirts), branding adds value to the garment. Since your logo is part of your fashion statement, make it work for you and emphasize the brand identity of your business.

If your small business recycles denim, you might want a vintage logo to match your brand’s vibe. Or you may go for a more formal look for your sweater-set company. Tap any of the following templates to get started and customize it to reflect your business and brand.

Guide to making a craft logo from scratch.

If you’d rather DIY your own logo, that’s no problem. These craft logo ideas can be a jumping off point, but you can follow your inspiration to make your logo. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to get a creative logo going. But there are a few things you should do.

First, make sure you have a clear understanding of your brand identity and how to best convey it through your logo. Next, review our design principles so you have a better idea of best practices when it comes to creating your logo. Next, brush up on logo shapes and the emotional impact they have, so you can choose shapes that support how you want people to feel when they see your logo.

Finally, play around a bit. Review the questions at the beginning of this article to help you identify elements you want in your logo. Imagine the type of images, colors, and feelings that come to mind when you think of your products and your brand. Starting with some idea of what you want from your logo will help direct you through the process and steer clear of things that are outside of your vision.

Now, get started by using Adobe Express’s free craft logo maker. You can start with an empty or follow the easy prompts to have the app auto-generate dozens of possible logos just for you. Once you see one you like, you can customize the symbol, typography, colors, and more and have the perfect craft logo in minutes.

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