21 cool candle logo ideas + free tools to make them.

Whether you have a small candle business or simply want to make DIY candles as gifts, an awesome candle logo makes your offerings look more polished. A well thought out candle logo perpetuates your brand identity — a huge win if you’re selling your candles and want more people to be aware of your business. Logos can also convey abstract principles regarding what your candles can do for a person. For example, your logo can depict the aromatic qualities of your candles, the fact that candles can be used for aromatherapy, or religious reasons.

Where do you get started making the right logo for your candle jar or candle box? The following 10 candle logo ideas, including this candle logo template, provide perfect jumping off points. Tap the free templates to customize your candle logo and make it your own. If you need even more inspiration, check out our guide to logo shapes for ideas on all types of logo designs including trying out Adobe Express’s free online logo maker.



Elegant candle logo ideas.

Fancy candle brands like Voluspa, Jo Malone, and Diptyque know that along with high-quality ingredients and epic aromas, beautiful logos help customers justify a steep price. Whether you’re looking for something formal, minimalist, or sophisticated, the following candle logo ideas will help you elevate your brand into the elegant category. Tap the templates to make them your own.

Cute candle logo ideas.

Baby animals, pastel colors, polka dots, and chunky, hand-draw logos all make for cute candle logo ideas. If the “Awww factor” is what you’re after, a cute candle logo will do it.

Avant-garde candle logo ideas.

Everyone has their niche. If your brand is more “shock and awe” than “awww,” one of these avant-garde candle logo ideas may be just right for you. Tap any of them to customize and download them for free.

Colorful candle logo ideas.

Vibrant color makes a bold, happy statement. If that’s your desired direction, tap any of these great logo ideas to customize them. Remember, you can change the fonts and shape of the logo, add more graphics, and alter your candle logo template pretty much any way you wish.

Botanical-themed candle logo ideas.

If your candles are scented with aromas from nature or you want to conjure the fresh, rejuvenating vibe of the great outdoors, a botanical-theme logo could work well for you. Flowers, leaves, and the colors of flora in bloom are soothing and spa-like. Tap any of the following candle logo ideas to customize it and make it your own. You can change the font, words, color, and more and be ready to print the logo in minutes.

Wedding candle logo ideas.

Special touches like custom logo designs on your candles make all the difference at weddings, whether they’re parting gifts for guests or ambient candlelight at the dining tables or buffet.

If the nuptials call for personalized candles, here are some candle logo ideas that can help celebrate the day. Tap any of them to get started. Then just swap or keep the photo and typography and edit the wording as you wish.

Need some ideas of what to include on your wedding candle logo? Feature the names of the couple getting married. You can also add the date, a description of the candle if it’s scented, an inspiring love quote, a custom hashtag to inspire everyone to Insta their wedding shots, a photo collage, or even something as simple as the word “LOVE”.

Holiday gift candle logo ideas.

It’s always hard to decide what to give people during the holidays, especially when everyone has such different tastes and preferences. But everyone loves a good candle, especially when it’s custom-made.

Your holiday candle logo can include all kinds of things: the graphics included in the following templates, a variety of holiday colors, a cheery greeting, your family name, family or pet photos, whatever you wish.

Finish the personalized look by wrapping your candles in pretty tissue paper or boxes and adding a sticker or gift tag featuring your business logo or custom holiday logo (you can make one of those right here).

Tap any of these candle logo ideas to customize it and make the season (and your gift) extra bright.

Easily make the perfect candle logo ideas from scratch.

If you’ve read this far and haven’t found a candle logo idea that works for you, don’t worry. Here are two ways to easily make just the right candle logo:

  1. Browse hundreds more logo ideas. You’ll find endless candle logo template options that you can customize for free and turn into exactly what you want. Change the colors, add additional graphics, or just stick to the template’s original look. Whatever you can dream, you can make.
  2. Make your own candle logo from scratch using a free online logo maker. If you have an idea of what you want, you don’t need a graphic designer. Start with a blank logo template and use free online tools to make your candle logo. The features include readymade backgrounds, icons, shapes, colors, fonts, the ability to upload your own images or logos, and more.

If you’d like to brush up on the art of logo creation or how to sell your candles, we’ve got your covered there, too. Check out our 6 creative ideas for logo styles you can make right now, complete guide to social media marketing for small businesses, and 6 tips for selling on Amazon homemade.

Once your new candle logo is ready, there are many ways you can use it that go beyond a logo for a sticker for your candle or the box it comes in. Here are just a few ideas:

That’s it. You’re ready to launch into candle logo greatness. You now have everything you need to make the perfect candle logo—without burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

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