6 Creative Ideas for Logos You Can Make Right Now + 10 Free Logo Templates

Your logo is an important component of your brand. It’s essentially your brand’s signature and when done right, logos can help foster recognition and build your brand’s equity. For Adobe Spark’s users with paid features, your logo can follow your content wherever it goes, appearing as stamps, video outros, watermarks, in headers, and footers. But just because it’s important, doesn’t mean it has to be complicated, or expensive. In fact, some of the most iconic brands keep their logos clean, simple, and to-the-point. And you can create logos easily with Adobe Spark’s logo maker. Here are five creative ways to think about your logo and 10 logo templates from Adobe Spark to get you started. Start designing your logo on a solid color background and when you’re done, export as a transparent PNG to have your logo look the best it can on your Adobe Spark content.

Say more with less with a logo that utilizes symbols. Icons can help bolster brand names by being instantly recognizable and transcending language barriers. And with millions of symbols, shapes, and icons at your fingertips for free in Adobe Spark, it’s easier than ever to find something that represents your brand well.

To design your logo in Adobe Spark, start with a solid color background, tap the plus sign and select “add icon.” From there search for anything to add shapes and symbols to your design. Change up the color, scale, orientation and opacity to make it your own, then save it as a transparent png. Voila! A professional logo design at your fingertips!



Create from template






Great for personal brands or social media mavens. These logos make you the face of your brand—literally!

Another beautiful, simple option is to turn your signature into a PNG file. That way your content will retain a personal flair–great for freelancers making project proposals, content creators who want their byline to be front and center, or anyone with pretty handwriting.

Simply write your signature on a piece of paper and scan it onto your computer. Easy as that! You can always use Adobe Spark to crop around your writing if you need to.

Sometimes the best logos keep it simple with type. Think FedEx’s bold heft that evokes strength and reliability or Coco Cola’s vintage scrawl that evokes timelessness or Virgin’s ultra-hip style that keeps it fashionable and edgy. Adobe Spark makes picking a type that suits your style by breaking up our font options into moods. Are you decorative or playful, modern or loud?



Another super simple way to turn type into a logo design is to place your business name in a shape or give it a nice decorative border. Use Adobe Spark to browse the pre-designed shapes to give your type a home, like these below.



You can also go more abstract for your logo (just make sure your brand name is still easy to say and remember). Instantly spruce up simple initials by using Adobe Spark’s cut-out feature, which applies the background photo to your text. Give it a whirl by tapping on the image below.



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