10 Ways to Pair Fonts for Maximum Impact

Smart typography choices can be the difference between someone connecting, liking, and sharing your message and continuing to scroll through their feed. And like complementary colors, certain fonts pair well together and can help enhance your message, establish hierarchy—an important design principle—and help establish a brand. But with so many font options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

To help save you from decision paralysis, we’ve created 10 graphics using popular fonts available for free in Adobe Spark Post. Think about what mood you want to communicate (Bold and modern? Elegant? Whimsical?) and use this guide to jumpstart your design. We’ve even added a couple notes on what the fonts communicate and suggestions for which industries work

Simply click the image or the link below it to remix the design. (If you’re reading on your phone and don’t have the app installed yet, the link will take you to the app store where you can download Spark Post for free.)

Branding Pro-Tip: Once you’ve landed on a combination you like, use Post’s duplicate feature to use the design template over and over to establish a consistent visual voice on your website or social media channels.

Bold and Modern

Best Used For: corporate communication, high-end stores, industrial organizations, modern and masculine brands.




Best Used For: corporate communication, boutique stores, high-end services or products, invitations.


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Remix this design!


Best Used For: health & wellness, outdoors and recreation, non-profits, pet-related industries, and hand-made products.


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Best Used For: arts & crafts, education, youth-related products/services, and hand-made products.


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