How to use Generative Fill to make your brand stand out

Get ready to upgrade your branding game: Generative Fill, powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI, is now available in Adobe Express.

This groundbreaking tool allows you to seamlessly manipulate and enhance images in Adobe Express using simple text prompts. From adding visual elements straight from your imagination to removing distractions from your brand photography, Generative Fill unleashes a new level of speed and control, creating new, unprecedented possibilities for creative workflow and brand management workflow.

With Generative Fill, you can explore beyond your initial concepts, modifying text prompts and experimenting with AI controls until you achieve the perfect image. This integrated tool allows you to create, expand, and refine your visual content with ease. Generative Fill adds new elements on a separate layer, ensuring that your original image remains untouched, allowing you to edit, refine, or remove any generated content without compromising the integrity of your original vision. Say goodbye to unwanted elements, whether it's stray shadows in a photo or unnecessary objects in a generated AI image.

Read on for three practical examples of how you can use Adobe Express with Generative Fill to make your brand, business, or product stand out, then learn how to get started on your own in just a few easy steps.



Location, location, location: bring a brick-and-mortar business global

With Generative Fill, you can explore way beyond the bounds of your original image, experimenting with text prompts and design styles until you achieve the perfect image. And Generative Fill isn't useful to just digital brands — it’s a powerful tool for brick-and-mortar businesses, too.

The singular Seattle lunchtime staple Matt’s Hot Dogs puts Matt’s famous sense of humor to work with old posters inside the restaurant to encourage customers to “visit all of the Matt’s locations” internationally. The gag here is that there is, in fact, not a Matt’s Hot Dogs location at the Parthenon in Greece, the Indy 500, near the Eiffel Tower, nor on the moon.

This joke is as good now as when they opened in 1992, as Matt's visual wit translates easily to a fun social media campaign, building the restaurant’s brand online and bringing customers in for lunch. With Generative Fill, making a solid visual punchline is easier than ever using just a few brushstrokes and simple but evocative text prompts.

Start with a photo of a restaurant building façade, brush over the background, hit “Generate,” and open up shop in the “rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands,” with an easy text prompt saying just that.

Navigating the dense jungle of the Amazon is hungry work. Be sure to open a location there with the text prompt “lush jungle.”

Or bring lunch to the cosmos and open a location on “the surface of the moon.”

Send your team’s mascot on an away game preview

Mascots are already the stuff of pure imagination, made to light up a crowd. Whether we're talking about a corporate mascot, that of a little league team, or a campaign for a big league brand’s social account, use Generative Fill to take your creative creature on an away game preview to anywhere your imagination can dream up.

Begin with brushing out the background and try out a prompt like “Background of sunset-lit field of wildflowers” or “half court view of professional ice hockey rink.” Then hit “Generate” to create your social media-ready image.

Warm up your product shots for chilly weather

Product photography is easier than ever with Generative Fill in Adobe Express. Create seasonal shots for your brand’s product campaigns; whether it's a can of soup surrounded by autumn leaves or a winter jacket amid the snowcapped alps, Generative Fill lets you tailor your images to match the season.

How about a coffee shop’s famous hot cocoa puffed up with spooky homemade marshmallows? Take it outside by brushing over the background and using the prompt “autumn leaves on the ground” to generate the perfect seasonal association.

Winterwear is cool, but winterwear in the Alps is cooler. Try the prompt “snowy alpine background” after brushing over the background to generate a lookbook-ready product shot.

A maxed-out mood board for a custom vibe

Cool couture requires adept accessorizing. Use Generative Fill to instantly whip up a product mood board that gives a luxury vibe without having to procure the pricey perfume. For example, take a sunglasses product shot, brush over the empty spaces, and cultivate a comprehensive and commercial-ready image by adding a “gold chain, perfume bottle, palm shadow” prompt, and then just click to generate.

Getting started with Generative Fill in Adobe Express

Reimagining the boundaries of “possible” is easy to do with Generative Fill in Adobe Express. Insert or replace objects in your own images and photos with near-instant high-quality results using simple text prompts.

  1. On the homepage of Adobe Express, hover over what you want to create and select Create from scratch.
  2. Select Upload from device or browse Adobe Stock photos to add an image to your file.
  3. Select an image on your file to open the Image panel and then select Generative Fill.
  4. Adjust the Brush size slider to set your desired brush size.
  5. Use the brush to mark an area or object in the image.
  6. In the prompt box, describe the changes you want to see and select Generate.
  7. Choose an image from the generated results.
  8. Download the image to your device or share it with your online audience.

If you're not happy with the generated results, you can easily undo all the edits you made and revert the image to its original state using the Restore image icon within the Generative fill panel. You can also remove objects in an image in the same workflow when inserting or replacing objects in an image.

You can create content with confidence using Adobe Express, knowing that Generative Fill is powered by Adobe Firefly, the family of creative generative AI models designed to be safe for commercial use.

The best way to learn is to start using Firefly and exploring the generative AI features. To learn from others, get inspiration, and expert tips, visit Discord or the Adobe Firefly Community forum.

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