Key marketing and social media days for November 2022



Key marketing dates and social media days for November 2022

Add a little bit of spice (pumpkin spice, that is) to your social or marketing calendar this month with templates and topic ideas curated for November’s notable events and dates.

As marketers, content creators, and small businesses planning content around holidays or cultural moments can help you find and connect with your audience on a deeper level. That said, we know that keeping up with what to post for these moments can be a full-time job.

That’s why we’re starting this new series. Each month we’ll share notable dates, social media themes, hashtags, and templates to jump start your content creation process.

A note on cultural content: When planning your content for culturally significant holidays or celebrations it’s important to consider cultural appropriation and posting content for exclusively capitalistic gains. Think about why you’re posting before you do. Ask yourself if you are genuinely looking to show support or if you’re posting to leverage a moment purely for the social momentum it provides. This is another moment to check your content for signs of cultural appropriation; which “takes place when members of a majority group adopt cultural elements of a minority group in an exploitative, disrespectful, or stereotypical way.”

November 2022 overview

Monthly themes for November

Dates, holidays, and cultural moments in November

Date and holiday specific content ideas

Native American Heritage Month – November 1-30

Nationally recognized in the U.S. since 1990, November is Native American Heritage Month. Find ways to celebrate and showcase Indigenous artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners on your brand’s pages. Think about ways you can collaborate with these artists, celebrate them, or lift them up in the products and content you make this month (and every month!). If you’re an indigenous-owned company, consider putting that in your bio so people can support you all year ‘round.

Hashtags to consider: #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth #NativeAmerican #IndigenousOwned

National Novel Writing Month – November 1-30

If you’re an author, publisher, or in the book industry, don’t sleep on National Novel Writing Month. Started in 1999 and now a fully recognized 501(c)(3) here in the U.S., NaNoWriMo (as it’s also known), is a month for writers to rally around a common goal of writing 50,000 words in a month. If you own an indie bookstore, consider hosting a writing night, as a publisher you could post quotes from new releases, and as an author don’t forget to use Adobe Express to make the perfect cover for your book.

Hashtags to consider: #NationalNovelWritingMonth #NaNoWriMo #AmWriting #WritersOfInstagram (or TikTok, Twitter, etc.) #NovelWriting

Día de los Muertos – November 1-2

Día de los Muertos is a holiday observed by many people who are of Mexican heritage. It is a beautiful and sacred day where families welcome their deceased relatives back to the world of the living for a reunion of togetherness, food, music, and celebration. Día de los Muertos is not the same as Halloween. Be thoughtful if you choose to post for the celebration, and be intentional and thoughtful in the content you post if you are not of Mexican descent.

Hashtags to consider: #DiaDeLosMuertos #DayOfTheDead #Recuérdame

U.S. Election Day – November 8

In the U.S., Election Day is always the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November. This year, Election Day is November 8. During this year’s midterm elections all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be voted on. In addition to those crucial elections, 36 of the 50 states will also elect governors. Making your voice heard by voting is a crucial part of our democracy, and encouraging the people around us to participate is more important than ever.

Hashtags to consider: #USElection #America #iVoted #ElectionDay #ElectionDay2022 #ElectionNight #MyVote #BeAVoter

Daylight Savings Time Ends – November 6

For most of Europe, North America, and parts of Asia we “fall back” on the 6th of November when Daylight Savings Time ends for the year. Consider using this date to think outside of the box. Any business could play on the phrase “running out of time” on a sale. Coffee shops or bakeries think about “rewarding” your audience with a discount code or free pastry to get through losing an hour.

Hashtags to consider: #DaylightSavingsTime #DaylightSavings #FallBack #NeedCoffee #ClocksGoBack

Veterans Day – November 11

In the United States, Veterans Day is a celebration of all people who have served in the U.S. military. Show your support by adding your own message of gratitude to the remixable templates below. Lots of businesses do sales for the holiday but consider taking an alternate path by raising awareness or hosting a basic necessities drive for the veterans who make up 11% of homeless adults around the country.

Hashtags to consider: #VeteransDay #Veterans #VeteranOwnedBusiness #USVeterans

Thanksgiving – November 24

In America, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving and all that we’re grateful for on the 24th. An easy way to celebrate is to share what you and your team are thankful for. If you’re a small retail store, you could host a holiday dinner and sale event to bring your community closer together. Food bloggers or restaurants: now is the time to share those special holiday recipes.

Hashtags to consider: #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2022 #HappyThanksgiving #Thankful #TurkeyDay #GiveThanks #HolidayDinner #HolidayRecipe

Black Friday – November 25

The shopping season ramps up with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday all in a row. Lingering pandemic concerns are sure to drive even more customers to online shopping than ever before. Adobe predicted a 2.5% growth in year-over-year (YoY) spending for the online holiday shopping season. Be mindful about how you roll out your deals and discounts for these three shopping days. Consider a tiered approach or maybe a different type of discount for each day.

Hashtags to consider: #BlackFriday #BlackFridayShopping #BlackFridayDeals #ShopSmall #SmallBusinessDeals #OnlineShopping #GiftIdeas

Small Business Saturday – November 26

Shoppers are increasingly motivated by their values, ethics, and shopping small. If you are a small business, don’t be shy about it. Small Business Saturday was literally made for you. Proudly display your values, beliefs, and product offerings in your bios and social content. This overt display of authenticity will attract your ideal customers.

Hashtags to consider: #SmallBusinessSaturday #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #SupportHandmade #GiftIdeas #EtsyShop

Cyber Monday – November 28

Expected to remain the year’s biggest shopping day, Cyber Monday sales are predicted to see a sales increase of 5.1% compared to a mere 1% growth for Black Friday. If you only go big on one day, Cyber Monday may be the day to consider. Heavy discounts, gifts with purchases, and extra punches on their punch card are all things Cyber Monday shoppers could expect.

Hashtags to consider: #CyberMonday #CyberMondayDeals #CyberMondaySpecial #SupportHandmade #GiftIdeas #ShopSmall

Giving Tuesday – November 29

Created as a way for people to be more conscious and to pay it forward during the holiday shopping season, Giving Tuesday is “a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity.” Consider starting a charitable challenge that your community can get involved in. Leverage features like fundraising on Instagram or Facebook, feature the causes you support throughout the year, or donate a portion of your profits from the day to a cause you believe in.

Hashtags to consider: #GivingTuesday #GivingTuesday2022 #GiveBack — also consider adding hashtags specifically related to your cause or charity, i.e. #SeaLegacy or #AdoptDontShop

November 2022 in summary

If you’re not sure where to start when creating your content or marketing materials around holidays, dates of note, or cultural moments in the month of November, we’ve linked some templates suggestions under each day above.

Find even more inspiration for all of your feeds in Adobe Express by searching with the terms November, thankful, shopping, or any one of the dates listed above.