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Where to find inspiration

Creative people know it takes guts, inspiration, and determination to turn dreams into reality. But while you’re hustling and putting in the effort to grow your ideas, sometimes creativity can be a little hard to come by. Instead of waiting to be struck by inspiration, why not go find it? Using Yelp and TripAdvisor, we’ve found the most inspirational destinations around the world. We also asked 1,000 digital nomads to share where they find inspiration and their top strategies for breaking through creative blocks.

Inspiration-inducing locations

If you’re looking for the perfect inspirational getaway, start with these destinations.

What we invest in ourselves determines our output, both when it comes to food and creativity. Nourishing your creativity with an inspirational environment is the equivalent of giving your artistic self an energy-packed protein bar.

According to the number of creativity and inspiration-related terms mentioned in their respective TripAdvisor forums, the most nutrient-dense inspirational cities were Las Vegas, New York City, and London. Prowl an art museum, go to a show, or explore a street market with local vendors. You never know where inspiration might strike. The winds of creativity could also blow in your favor in the Windy City, as Chicago was the destination most associated with inspiration on TripAdvisor.

Before your trip, make a mood board of the city to visualize what type of inspiration you’re looking for and where you can find it, such as restaurants, tourist attractions, museums, and activities. Document the sights, sounds, and sensations of your adventures through a TikTok video so other creators can be inspired through your trip. Once you’re home, you can watch your video for inspiration again and again without having to buy another ticket.

Work stations on-the-go

You’ve packed your bags, made the journey, and are now taking in the creative energy of your destination. But where do you go when inspiration strikes and you need a workspace to implement your ideas? Many digital nomads seek out shared office spaces in places like these.

When you’re looking for the perfect spot to work on your inspired ideas, look no further than the co-work locations favored by digital nomads, creative travelers who make the world their office.

We determined that work hubs are easy to come by in Japan (33), the U.S. (30), and Belgium (17), as these countries had the most shared office space locations, on average, in their respective major cities. Out of these three countries, Belgium’s workspaces ranked the highest (4.3 out of 5).

Other countries with highly-rated co-working locations included France (4.3) and Germany (4.2). You might want to save your tickets to New Zealand for a vacation, as they had the fewest and lowest-rated shared office spaces.

All work and no play might cause creative burnout, but all play and no work can also be unproductive. The exciting digital nomad lifestyle still requires focus and balancing downtime with office time. While you’re busy making the most of your inspiration, boost your productivity through remote work strategies. You might find these work environments so inspiring that you join the 35.7 million Americans that experts expect will be working remotely by 2025.

Getting the creative juices flowing

How do you make the most of your trip? Let’s turn to the creativity tips, tricks, and strategies digital nomads shared.

Nearly one in five digital nomads claimed they often experience a lack of creative inspiration. Because of rising workplace demands and the pressure to perform, burnout is a common phenomenon that affects many people. The good news is that it’s possible to recover from it and reclaim your creative flow. Among digital nomads who often experienced a lack of creative inspiration, 72% believed changing work environments helped them to reclaim it.

Daily routines also play a part in creativity. If you need an excuse to sleep in, here it is: Night owl digital nomads were the least likely to experience a lack of creative inspiration, while the early birds were the most likely to. Adding physical activities (65%), self-care practices (57%), and time in the great outdoors (44%) into your schedule can boost inspiration.

Staying inspired

Finding your inspiration and maintaining creative momentum takes determination and effort. Sometimes, breaking free of your familiar surroundings is necessary to capture a fresh idea that catapults your artistic and professional endeavors to the next level. If you need a little extra motivation along the way, online templates also offer a great place to start your next project. Intuitive tools like these help turn written ideas into visual images, making your inspiration tangible in a flash and giving you more time to relax and enjoy your trip.


For this study, we leveraged three different sources of data. First, we gathered the total number of posts from all TripAdvisor forums, particularly the number of times a creativity or inspiration-related term was used. Secondly, using the Yelp API, we pulled each shared office space location from each available city/country around the world. Lastly, we surveyed 1,000 digital nomads to understand regaining their creative inspiration and recovering from burnout.

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